Preface: As you may know, it IS legal to CCW in a restaurant that serves liquor in Arizona.

There are now over 125 of us (in 2 weeks alone) coming together for a conversation around 2A, action (our boycott and supprting places that want our business), and the use of a facebook group and website with database of restaurants that either don't allow carry (it is their right, to deny our rights, on their property), or worse some have officially come out to be ANTi Second Amendment (Chipotle Mexican Grill). We also have a database of PRO-2A restaurants!

We have this Facebook Group for Tucson residents: BAG - Tucson: "Boycott Anti-Gunners", A database of anti-gun restaurants | Facebook
and this database that we are building:

We have met for one "Open Carry Dinner" and I'm setting up a "CCW" dinner in two weeks.

If you are in Tucson, AZ, please join the group!