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Thread: Graham blasts Axelrod: 'Tired of this crap'

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I don't trust any of the bureaucrats.
    I'm reaching that point, too, HK4U. It just seems to me that, when they're in front of the news cameras, they say what they know the American people want to hear them say. But, when the cameras are turned off and it's time to vote on the same issues, they disregard what their constituents asked them to do and yield to the pressure from across the aisle. There are still a few Constitutional Republican congressmen left and our Virginia Representative J. Randy Forbes (Republican in the House) is a shining example. I'm so proud that he represents me in Washington, D. C. and that I can count on him to stay true to the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this country was founded. Randy Forbes isn't a politician...he's a Statesman.
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    Lindsey Graham and his buddy John McCain, are perfect examples of what is wrong with the present Republican Party!
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