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Thread: Another guns & ammo buying frenzy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carls View Post
    Last wed. a mile long train of flat beds loaded with four milatry six wheel vehical per car was heading for the east coast. Must have been over a thousand of them.

    Gifts from the american taxpayers for our friends in iraq. I wonder if any of that iraq oil bought them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricbak View Post
    We started to talk about a new buying Frenzy, Well... I'll do my part....
    XD-m 40...

    You will LOVE this gun

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Karl Marx (aka Osama Obama)

    They are finally ripping the last fruits of my labor from my grasp. Next will be my guns. Be prepared my friends, the worst is about to begin. The last bastion of Freedom in the World is about to implode. Our Government will demand ALL citizens obey by purchasing their mandated health care. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. has any citizen been order to buy anything.

    May the Good Lord pass his guidance and strength to us daily so we may overcome what he has put in front of us.
    And if it does, friends, and they try to take away my firearms, they will have to kill me first. They're trying to take everything else away.

    Armatissimi e liberissimi

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    I have a good source that told me Obama will not take our guns or limit the laws of carry, but he stays quiet about it to appease his party. The guy does come from Chicago where more bad people carry guns than good. I hope my buddys right. That would be my breaking point.

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