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    Exclamation The Europeanization of America!

    I was watching FOX News a little while ago and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) spoke about the "Euronizing of America" So after a little research I came across this very informative article that was written prior to the November 2008 election. This guy foresaw what is happening right now, good article!

    The Europeanization of America
    What's ahead if Obama becomes president.
    By Pete Du Pont
    October 27, 2008
    The Europeanization of America -

    A few snippets:
    So where is the new Obama administration likely to take us? Seven things seem certain:

    * The U.S. military will withdraw from Iraq quickly and substantially, regardless of conditions on the ground or the obvious consequence of emboldening terrorists there and around the globe.

    *Protectionism will become our national trade policy; free trade agreements with other nations will be reduced and limited.

    *Income taxes will rise on middle- and upper-income people and businesses, and individuals will pay much higher Social Security taxes, all to carry out the new president's goals of "spreading the wealth around."

    *Federal government spending will substantially increase. The new Obama proposals come to more than $300 billion annually, for education, health care, energy, environmental and many other programs, in addition to whatever is needed to meet our economic challenges. Mr. Obama proposes more than a 10% annual spending growth increase, considerably higher than under the first President Bush (6.7%), Bill Clinton (3.3%) or George W. Bush (6.4%).

    *Federal regulation of the economy will expand, on everything from financial management companies to electricity generation and personal energy use.

    *The power of labor unions will substantially increase, beginning with repeal of secret ballot voting to decide on union representation.

    *Free speech will be curtailed through the reimposition of the Fairness Doctrine to limit the conservative talk radio that so irritates the liberal establishment.

    These policy changes will be the beginning of the Europeanization of America. There will be many more public policy changes with similar goals—nationalized health care, Kyoto-like global-warming policies, and increased education regulation and spending.

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    Looks like England won the Revolutionary war after all. Just took 230 years for the English infiltraitors to prove it to us. How long before we become part of Canada?
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    Looks like England won the Revolutionary war after all. Just took 230 years for the English infiltraitors to prove it to us. How long before we become part of Canada?

    I think we became part of Canada yesterday. The Socialism part.
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