November 2011 Elections and Retirements
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Thread: November 2011 Elections and Retirements

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    November 2011 Elections and Retirements

    You know what really gets me mad on top of just being mad about where our country is going and how this stupid bill got passed? All of the dems, who will either be voted out or will retire, will do so with a retirement pension just south of $200K and a CADILLAC HEALTH PLAN that will not be subject to the added tax for same and that is very different and a heck of a lot better than the one they voted on and passed for all of us. The hypocrisy infuriates me. I hope and pray their health plan and that of our dear piece of garbage in the whitehouse is used often, with regularity, and is incapable of eventually turning the tide on their debilitating and terminal diseases in whatever years all these pieces of garbage have left in their miserable, disgusting lives.

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    I agree totally we ALL SHOULD GET SAME COVERAGE, orbetter
    yet....OVERTURN IT IN 3 years!

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