Safer Streets 2010: The health of the second amendment is the health of the nation.

March 28, 2010 by John Longenecker

The health of the second amendment is the primary indicator of the overall health of the nation.

This is my core message and the main thrust of Safer Streets 2010 the e-book. It is not that gun owners love guns as much as it is a love of Independence, and those who love their independence are people likely to own a gun. There is more to it than that in Safer Streets 2010.

How does the health of the second amendment reflect the status of our national health? When a nation is under attack, the weapons or means of resistance are the first to go. Some say that Truth is the first casualty, but there is more truth in the second amendment than anything most servants can say. Now both are true.

If you look at the seriousness of the ubiquitous armed citizen as a sure measure of being free from abusive servants, and that includes being free from all sorts of lesser abuses of powers, you get it. The idea is that governments tend to abuse their peoples simply as an inevitability. The abuse begins with those little disrespects while the battle is a battle of wits. Why would servants want to match wits with or compete with the sovereign? The Founders knew it then, and in 2010 you know it now. Being armed impeaches the need for many, many policies and programs almost as a matter of respect, not to mention redundancy.

When the forces which protect against large abuses protect against many of the lesser abuses, too, then you really have something. We have something in the second amendment. And if some public servants want to dismantle it, they are telegraphing to us that they intend to dismantle the country.

The health of the second amendment is the first indicator of this. The health of the second amendment is an early warning system.

The second amendment also reflects these:

1. Respect for our sovereignty by others. Understand that this includes fellow citizens, all of our public servants and even other nations worldwide. We may not take care of our Bill of Rights as we should, but it's another matter when public servants disrespect us so. Like most predators, they sense weakness and move in to compound things. [Think no crisis going to waste.] Congresswoman Suzanna Hupp of Texas pointed out that how servants think of the second amendment is how they think of you. Nearly every gun owner knows this, but do non-gun owners know it? I see that they are now beginning to sense it, do you think?

2. A general, lesser respect and appreciation of our heritage in self-rule, of accepting it, and exercising it. Independence means work and effort, and some just don't want to make the effort. Too many Americans do not associate an armed citizenry with how we are treated by our servants and the world. [See Item #1 above.] Any servants loyal to the Constitution and to the idea of who is the sovereign would not go along with anything close to gun control. It creates dependency on the state when it eliminates the independence of individuals to resist crime. Take notice of those candidates who support the second amendment and the tenth amendment, and support them when you can. Search them out on the web and go to their websites.

3. The discovery of how far servants can push. This is a bad one. If you think of gun control as a stimulus and observe the response (or non-response) of the electorate, you can estimate how far the American people can be pushed in an abuse of due process in other areas. All other areas. Notice that I did not say due process, but in an abuse of due process. (This is how the results have worth to public servants. They can guesstimate what we will tolerate.)

Associating gun ownership with belligerence is nothing more than a smear, and the electorate has to see through smears in regard to how they trust their neighbors and themselves with the Vote. It's easier to see it when you have a deeper understanding of who is the sovereign and who isn't. Government bodies are not the sovereign.

Americans are at a disadvantage when we adhere to due process and the servants do not. Think this November. In due process, you never want to let a good election go to waste.