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HK4U, You wrote, "There is no such thing as an independent press in America, unless it is in the country towns."

That is very true, but remember many of us live in small towns, and people read the local papers, or look at them on line.

I write to the Editor and oftan get published, and many reply on line.

Below is the address of the on line article in last Sundays paper with replies.

Priorities are not right - Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs, HeraldStarOnline.com

We each need to do what we can to ensure it changes in the 2010 elections.

To the editor:

We have a president, we have U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson, D-St.Clairsville, and we have U.S. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, to name a few, who have set priorities for our country, and they all border on socialism, destruction of the American Constitution and more government control.

Is our economy a priority? No, their priority was to push through a stimulus package that will help in their main priority to bankrupt America and force more individuals to require government support.

Was saving the car industry a priority? No. The takeover of the car industry was not to streamline or make it a profitable industry. Their priority was to steal it away from the stockholders and owners who worked hard to create wealth and put it into an industry that supported and employed countless Americans for years, until the unions got so big and powerful they priced us right out of the business.

So why did our president take over the industry and give it to the union? Did it have anything to do with votes or a payback for campaign contributions?

Is health care for the American people a priority? No, their real priority is the takeover of a larger portion of the economy and to establish a larger non-paying receiving base of voters that will keep them in office forever. If the real priority was health care for Americans, they would have started with tort reform and removed all illegal immigrants from the system until they have accomplished American citizenship and are legally employed, contributing American citizens.

I can't believe Wilson is stupid enough or believes we are stupid enough to not know abortion is still part of this bill - anything that is not specifically exempted is still there.

Recently Robert Gibbs, Obama's press secretary, was asked, "What are the president's priorities after health care"?

It wasn't jobs, or saving the American economy or immigration reform.

No, his priorities are "watering down a recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign finances", because they may include funding from Big Business, and they are the ones that boost the economy and do create jobs.

His next priority was financial regulation so he can continue to suppress the banking industry, but ignore Fanny and Freddie - the roots of the problem.

His last priority is energy legislation and it doesn't include offshore drilling, coal gasification, nuclear development, cleaner coal fired power plants or making our country independent of foreign oil. It doesn't really have anything to do with the environment either. His real priority is cap and trade, a false economy using carbon credits and more government control.

Chuck White
The letter signed Chuck White is very thought provoking. Very disturbing, but it called my attention to something that I never thought of and would really like to hear some comments on this part of it. Could it really be true that the primary goal behind Obama's health care bill is to get thousands of non contributing people to be so grateful for free [to them] health care that they will assure a victory at the polls for all the radical politicians who support most every thing that conservatives are against. It goes without saying I am really concerned with anti gunners being voted in.