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Thread: Is Obama anti-gun or not?

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    I dont trust him as far as I could sling a bull by its you know whats. I bet it is on his things to do list. Right now he has some bigger fish to fry, I look for his gun ban/control will come out of the last few pages in the health care plan. Tax on a tanning booth, you do the math.

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    you can bet that this POSPOTUS is working behind the scenes with Emanuel to do everything they can to erode away our 2ND amendment rights. with this guy it is all about power; the health care fiasco is about power, the bailing out of GM , Chrysler and kissing the a$$ of the unions is about power.......all the power he can get and any way he can to get it. remember that an armed citizenry is the real threat to one who would be king.

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