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    AZ also just passed a bill that will allow law enforcement to arrest illegals and to make sure everyone is in the state legally. It's pissing off the left, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio is probably thrilled to no end.
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    Arizona Call To Action !!!

    See this from one of our friends in AZ:

    If you have been following my blog,, or the Arizona
    Hometown section on you'll have seen a good number of people
    calling out some of the local gun industry people on their view of the
    legislation which allows Arizonans to carry concealed with out the need for
    a permit.

    There has been a number of gun store employees and/or CCW instructors who
    have spoken out against the idea and have been using some of the same
    terminology that you hear from the freedom hating left. I've seen those of
    us who support the bill, be referred to as "whack jobs", "nut cakes" and
    similar, by people who are supposed to be on our side!

    Then you have this little gem:

    "This means now I have to watch even closer the nutcakes who wave guns in
    the air and act like total testosterone-filled jackasses."

    That was directly taken out of an email from Barbara O'Connell, the Owner
    and General Manager of the Marksman Pistol Institute of Tucson. One of her
    employees, Jim Stover - the Chief Instructor; said:

    "I think it's the most stupid thing they could come up with."

    Talk station KFYI out of the Phoenix area has been bashing members
    on the air, and from what I am understanding, is not allowing them to

    This is crazy. As an member said:



    There is no."I have concerns about blah blah blah"

    So now you folks have a choice to make. Stand with the Freedom loving
    members of the gun owners community, or stand against them and be ready for
    the consequences. We will stop patronizing your businesses. We will speak
    out against you. We will not recommend your store, product or services to

    To you Freedom loving people in Tucson or anyone else that can make it,
    there is an organized protest to raise awareness of the Marksman's flawed
    stance this coming Saturday the 17th, starting at Freedom Park on 29th
    street (across from the Marksman) at 9AM. If you have Facebook you can login
    and go to the event page to RSVP:
    Protest Anti-Gun Marksman Pistol Institute!!/event.php?eid=108433725859166&ref=nf

    Constitutional Carry and Those Who Opppose It | The Desert Defender

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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