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  1. Veteran Defenders of America

    Has anyone heard of these guys???

    Veteran Defenders of America - Welcome

    I'm just trying to seperate the crazies from those genuinely trying to do good.
    You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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    I've been using their partner group ACT for America to bolster my current events info for over a year, but I'm only vaguely familiar with Veteran Defenders of America, Mainly because I didn't research them when I first heard about them.

  4. Talking Veteran Defenders

    Hi. I just signed up here. I, too, Have been following Act! for America for a while, and believe their info is eye-opening and accurate. I just spent 2 hours looking into Veteran Defenders, since I'm a vet, and was impressed. I already knew Maj. General Paul Vallely, who runs it - a good American, in my opinion. I printed out a membership form and I'm goin to join. Basically, they know veterans have had all sorts of training, so are good in emergencies. Veteran Defenders can help the authorities in case of a natural disaster, terror attack - (sifting through rubble, crowd control, etc.) keeping eyes and ears open and reporting suspicions, and many other things. Everything is detailed at their site. I just entered, "Veteran Defenders of America" into Google, and hit search. The very first result was them. Click and you'll get their site. Good luck. Ron DuBois

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