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Thread: Savage: Obama Regime Will Stage Violence To Crush Dissent

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    Hey doc: You wonder what the difference is between the current admin and possible tactics in Nov and the 9/11 truthers. Methinks you are just arguing for argument's sake, particularly because you indicated you do not necessarily disagree with many of the "conspiracy theories" of the piece of crap in the whitehouse and his looney bin cronies. When bills get passed by bribery on sunday evenings and most of congress does not even read it, and when vowed communists, racists, and other loonies are a soundbite away from the piece of crap in the whitehouse etc etc, it is very rationale to think that something is really wrong. Everyday I wake up and there is something new that irritates me and makes me madder than hell about this piece of garbage and the government. He is an egotist who does not consider congress or the supreme court even important--he has literally said that in his state of the union speech (using "I" more times than not) and in his flanking maneuvers using his cabinet and his czars to backdoor regulations that deserve laws approved by congress. Just like the millions that were spent on finding the smoking gun after the Florida Bush/Gore election fiasco that yielded no Woodward/Bernstein bombshell, millions have been spent to find that same smoking gun on a 9/11 conspiracy and nada, nothing, zippo. The two items (current conspiracy and 9/11 truth) are mutually exclusive and the evidence is in plain sight for this government to be turning into a communist dictatorship starting with a rigged or cancelled or set-aside Nov election. Maybe we will agree to disagree and maybe I am dead wrong but even so I see this country going down the drain as it drowns in its own unsustainable debt.

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    Wink Stop blocking, Kelcarry; how do you REALLY feel?

    I agree with you, Kelcarry, that the current occupant of the oval office is an egotistical ass, and the worse president that I can remember. That said, the LAST occupant of the oval office was, up until January 2009, the worst president in living memory.

    I don't see Doc as being unnecessarily argumentative; in fact, he said "I'm not disagreeing, just wondering."

    I think that it just goes to show that every one of the narcissistic egotists that achieve the office of POTUS (let's face it, you have to be fairly full of self to seek the office) deserves every last bit of distrust that we can show them. Even if my man Ron Paul were elected, he would have to prove everything he said. As they say, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson

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    KelCarry, I think you are misunderstanding my point. I don't believe for a minute any of the "truther" stuff. I also agree that the current administration is, at the very least, socialist in its orientation and dishonest in how they are carrying out their agenda. That is not the same, however, as being able to substantiate that they are planning to incite violence so that they can squash it.

    I don't doubt that they have this in mind. I would not put it past them. But, let's not be like the libs and make the assumptions before there is any violence.
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