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Thread: ACORN CEO: Tea Parties a 'Bowel Movement

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    It's the hyprocisy that is shameful out of these fringe groups, ACORN or any other far left.

    It's simple for them. Demonize the Tea Party movement, at all costs. Align them with violence, gun rights, and even infer a militia mentality. Clump them all together and the masses either will follow or see right through them. I'm betting not many people in the manstream of America are buying what their selling.

    It was ok to paint Presidents Bushes head having been cut off during war protests, but don't dare even mention the word "socialist" when referring to the current administration. You will be branded a "Teabagger" "Truther" "Birther" and Unpatriotic.

    ACORN, President Clinton, Carter and Bama where more to blame for the long term meltdown of the real estate crisis, but they've done a pretty good job of taking the focus off the real protaganist, instigator of the financial meltdown, which was slowly being created with sup prime loans, ignoring the fact that Freddie and Fannie where becoming insolvent due to the the push from ACORN, the loss of the Glass-Steagal Act from Clinton and the Chicago way of bullying banks into making loans that otherwise would not have been granted without lobbying (heisting) all the banks.

    In reality, what would have happened if Fox News had not taken the ACORN issue on as hard as they did ?

    This new legislastion that was the talking point yesterday is also another bank heist. In essence they want 25 billion of profits to be traded through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Oooops, did I just say "Chicago Mercantile Exchange?" That's right, and who benefits if all synthetic securities are only traded throught the Chicago Mercantile ? I'd say Chicago and their crooks. It also pulls the banks and brokerages closer to Chicago. How many jobs could be lost in New York if this works out to be true ?

    This is one of the worst times I've ever witnessed in my life with any administration, even Clinton.

    Business as usual I suppose. Barney Frank and his boyfriend told us that Fannie was OK when in fact in 2005 McCain asked for more stringent oversight and possible legislation to slow Fannie down.

    I'm preaching to the choir, I know.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    Exclamation Its all about the money and the drugs...

    Ask any cop and you find that 90% of crime is about money or drugs...The money is wall street and the drug is power. The current adminstration is drunk with power and needs a wake up call. The Teabagging Rednecks Clinging to God and Guns cant be held back forever. If things do not drastically change in the next 3 years, We will be embroiled in a civil war at some point in the future. It will not be north and south, but rather haves and have nots. It is people in hollyweird who constantly stir the pot who are not helping the situation much either (you can thank particular actress for the teabagging redneck quote).

    Us little guys out number the elites at a rate of over 10,000 to 1. They need a lesson in simple math. The ants are going to retake the anthill and make it work again. I just pray that it is at the ballot box and not at the ammo box. I have seen enough suffering in the military while overseas to last a lifetime. I do not wish that fate on any of us.

    We are awake, We are listening, We have a voice, and We shall not be silent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonE View Post
    I actually sort of like the "Bowel Movement" reference. To me the Tea Party Movement is sort of a Bowel Movement. It is going to hopefully "squeeze the turds out" of positions of power and decision making.

    As for the rest of what came out of her mouth, utter stupidity. In case she hasn't noticed, socialism is on it's way out. If she wants to be a socialist, she needs to move to a new country.
    personally I think she needs a diaper on her face.. that is where the crap is coming out.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    moral credit

    This lady is the same leader that was stealing funds from the US taxpayer. I pay no attention to a theif!

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