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    That's what I wanted to know.

    The new Obamacare legislation that was forced on unwilling Americans this week specifically mandates that we all purchase health insurance. That is, unless you donít believe in that sort of thing. Thatís right, the current health care bill contains a clause which exempts certain individuals form the requirements and penalties set forth in it.

    Thank you for the citation. I have a hard time finding almost anything in this bill, let alone making sense of it because each section refernces another section that I ususally can't find. It makes me feel rather uneducated when I read it, because it seems so complicated with references and subsections that make you scroll back and lose you place and want-not. I have a knack for simplifying things to make them easily understandable, which is probably where I am going wrong here.
    I couldn't find section 1311 and section 5000, which are referenced in that section. The bill I have seems to skip over those specific section numbers, assuming that the numerical sections are numbered in a ordered way. I found the cited section on page 272 of the bill copy I had, so maybe there was a change. Any further clarification you may have would be appreciated.

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    That lets me out. I got way to many 9mm rounds to change now.
    And so it begins. Seeming unity goes awry over the issue of "which ammo."
    Curt Lovelace
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    Acton, Maine

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