Hey, why don't they pass a law that makes it a crime to be poor and stupid? Then everyone would be rich and smart. Gun control gives the edge to the scum every time. I used to not carry into places that had a no gun symbol on the door, but they did not have a no criminal sign on the door. That is what banks and liquor stores need, no criminal signs. There, no more bank robberies! So I now carry everywhere I go. I do it the right way, no one ever knows. The ONLY time I would not carry is where there are metal detectors. My life is worth a misdemeanor ticket if all hell breaks out. LIFE, LIBERTY and the Pursuit of Wealth, err, I mean happiness. Only the poor say that money cant buy happiness. Don't believe it for a second. IL, CA, MA is what happens when the libs run the show. Vote them out. send them packing. and if you cant defeat them, then MOVE to a state where you can enjoy more freedom, like OK, or TX, AZ, or AK. I have lived in everyone of those states while I served in the Army, each had their own unique beauty. Let the rats sink with the Chicago ship. well, I think I am off topic, sorry, be ready for anything to come out of this administration. Don't let them get away with anything. Golden rule does not apply, Platinum new rule does, if Obama says it, it must be bad for our America. SEND THESE DEMOCRATS PACKING, the only good dem is one that is out of office!