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Thread: Puerto Rico Statehood? - Say Not On Our Watch!

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    Puerto Rico Statehood? - Say Not On Our Watch!

    Remember when Obama said we (Americans) should not require Latino Immigrants (Illegal or otherwise) to learn English, we should be required to learn Spanish?

    Puerto Rico Being Forced Down the Path to Statehood?
    Sometimes we receive items from local tea parties around the country that are so well drafted, and so important, that we just forward them as is. Thanks to Patti Weaver of the Pittsburgh Tea Party for the following:

    Would you please call the U.S. Representatives today and ask them to vote no on H.R. 2499? This is a trojan horse, middle of the night kind of bill that you may not have heard about yet. The Left is trying to label anyone who votes against this bill as a racist, so all representatives must be called!


    Congress is at it again!

    Now they are trying to sneak in a vote that would put Puerto Rico on the path to statehood. The only trouble is, they haven't exactly told US about it (sound familiar??).

    Please take a moment and read the information below, then pick up the phone and CALL YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE! ... Then call five friends and ask them to do the same! :)

    Click on congressmerge.com/onlinedb/index.htm to get your Representative's best phone numbers. Start with the DC offices, then move on the the LOCAL numbers!

    Demand your Representative vote NO on HR 2499

    Here's what Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment.com had to say:
    There is a bill to make Puerto Rico a state. Again, they are trying to pull one over on us and on Puerto Ricans, who have consistently said they do not want to become a state. Read below for more information (from Eagle Forum). This was also discussed by Rep Tom Price on a conference call yesterday.

    Please consider this:

    * The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, "Puerto Rican statehood," analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.

    * It would bring immediate demands for massive federal spending. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest state, and infrastructure and the environment are far below American standards. Puerto Rico has a population with a median national income of $17,741, nearly a third of that for the U.S.

    * Puerto Rico is already a democracy. Despite the bill's deceptive title, Puerto Rico already has an elected government and exists as a self-governed commonwealth of the U.S.

    * Statehood would give Puerto Rico more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states! It would inevitably give Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House.

    H.R. 2499 is stealth legislation designed to lead to the admission of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico as the 51st state, thereby making us a de facto bilingual nation, like Canada. The U.S. Congress should not be forcing Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood, especially since the Puerto Rican people have rejected statehood three times since 1991!

    No Member of Congress who describes himself as a limited government, fiscal conservative should be casting a YEA vote for H.R. 2499,as Puerto Rican statehood would cause an immediate increase in federal expenditures, particularly for taxpayer-funded welfare state services.

    Read the whole thing:

    The Puerto Rican government is even playing hardball with it own people! Read this by Ann Shibler :

    The United States House of Representatives is set to vote on H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, as early as this week. This bill would mandate a non-binding expression by the voters of Puerto Rico as to their wishes with regard to retaining their commonwealth status or becoming a state or becoming an independent nation, but in conjunction with other legislation already introduced inside Puerto Rico, the commonwealth status of the island could be eliminated as early as this year.

    Three times in the past 43 years Puerto Ricans have voted against becoming the 51st state in the Union, the last time being 11 years ago. But this time the bill is rigged to eliminate the commonwealth option and grant either full statehood, or total independence. Sen. Jose Hernandez-Mayoral of the island's minority Popular Democratic Party said, "Behind this innocuous bill lies a fully thought out assault on Congress to designate the island the 51st state." "With the commonwealth option out of the ballot, statehood is finally, albeit crookedly, assured a victory."

    The whole article is here: http://www.jbs.org/us-constitution-blog/6230-legislation-promotes-statehood-for-puerto-rico

    HR2499 text:
    Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 (Reported in House):
    http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=111_cong_bills&docid=f:h2499rh.t xt.pdf

    Thanks for all your hard work.


    Patti Weaver
    Pittsburgh Tea Party Movement

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Here It Comes...

    Huge Power Grab Underway in Washington
    -- Democrats looking to get almost ten, brand new anti-gunners in Congress

    Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
    Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408
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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    The Democrat-controlled Congress and the White House are pulling out all the stops to offset the oncoming tidal wave that is threatening to throw them out of power this November.

    With their polls sagging badly, the liberal Democrats rammed through a Puerto Rican statehood resolution yesterday which many consider the first step towards making Puerto Rico the 51st state -- a move that would give liberal progressives in the Congress six more Representatives and two new Senators.

    Making Puerto Rico a state would bring another gun control bastion into our nation and bring almost ten anti-gun congressmen and senators into the Congress.

    This is disgraceful! With her party's polls plummeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to get as many additional progressives into Congress as possible so that she can continue advancing her liberal, anti-American agenda.

    Regarding the statehood resolution, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) says it "is the Puerto Rico statehood bill which is being pushed by the new progressive party in Puerto Rico trying to create a federally [sanctioned] vote that they say is nonbinding but would give them the legitimacy to then come back and try to seat people in the United States Congress."

    To see how your congressman voted on the Puerto Rican statehood resolution, go to:


    GOA will keep you updated as to when a vote is scheduled in the U.S. Senate.

    GOA helps kill Pelosi's attempt to give DC a vote in Congress

    Not to be satisfied with merely eight new liberal votes from Puerto Rico, liberal Democrats want to give statehood to Washington, DC. S. 160 would take a major step in that direction by giving this federal enclave a vote in the House of Representatives.

    The bill is the DC Voting Rights Act, otherwise known as the DC Vote Grab Act. It would make Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton a legitimate voting member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

    If you know anything about Del. Norton, you know that she is one of the most liberal, anti-gun legislators in the country -- one who completely supports Nancy Pelosi's agenda. Of course, Democrats are not just going to settle for a mere Representative in Congress... they want statehood for the District of Columbia in order to get two anti-gun Senators, as well.

    It seems that the Obama-Reid-Pelosi strategy is to continue screwing the country -- even if it hurts them in the polls -- because then they will work to get as many "new" votes as possible through Puerto Rican statehood... DC statehood... and even things like amnesty for illegal aliens.

    But if Pelosi were to succeed in making DC a state, there will be two more liberal votes in the Senate -- a situation that would allow them to break any Republican filibuster that would stymie their anti-gun agenda.

    The Senate passed S. 160 last year, and if it were not for Gun Owners of America and Senator John Ensign, it would have been signed into law last spring.

    Pro-gun Senator John Ensign and Gun Owners of America worked together to attach an amendment to the DC Vote Grab Act. The amendment would repeal all the restrictive gun control laws still on the books in DC after the landmark D.C. v. Heller Supreme Court decision. The vote margin was an amazing 62-36 in the Senate!

    Wiping out DC's still very restrictive anti-gun laws was not what Speaker Pelosi and other rabid anti-Second Amendment members of the House wanted to see.

    Because of this GOA-supported amendment, the House has been unable to take any action on the Senate measure. While Speaker Pelosi has no desire to see a pro-gun provision within the DC bill, many House members are afraid to vote for any such bill that doesn't contain the pro-gun Ensign amendment. In short, this has been a real Mexican standoff that has lasted for nearly a year.

    In fact, when Pelosi tried to bring up the bill last week, she could not muster enough votes to secure passage. S. 160 might now be dead for the year, but GOA will continue watching this and alert you to any attempts to bring up the bill again.

    Senate "disses" America's veterans

    For several years, GOA has been alerting gun owners to the travesty of justice that has been perpetrated on our veterans.

    After the Brady law went into effect, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began sending the names of many of its beneficiaries to the FBI so they could be added to the NICS list, denying these individuals their right to purchase a firearm. To date, more than 150,000 military veterans have been denied.

    However, none of these veterans were ever convicted of a crime; none were found to be a danger to anyone; and none were afforded any meaningful due process of law. Under the semblance of being "mental defectives," these veterans were added to the list strictly because a doctor or a bureaucrat in the VA appointed someone to manage their finances.

    The al-Qaeda terrorists in Guantanamo have been given more due process than the American soldiers who fought them!

    To combat this outrage, pro-gun Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) authored S. 669, the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, that will safeguard for veterans two of the most fundamental Constitutional rights enjoyed by Americans: due process of law and the right to keep and bear arms.

    The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act merely stipulates that a veteran cannot lose his or her gun rights "without the order or finding of a judge, magistrate, or other judicial authority of competent jurisdiction that such person is a danger to himself or herself or others."

    This very reasonable bill passed out of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee last June, having been approved unanimously.

    Burr's language was offered on the floor of the Senate during the health care debate, but unfortunately, it was defeated 53-45. To see how your Senator voted, go to:

    U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Votes > Roll Call Vote

    GOA will continue fighting for the passage of this very important legislation.

    Where we are at

    As you know, elections have consequences. GOA is fighting in the trenches to protect/regain our rights. And, thankfully, we have won a couple of major battles at the federal level -- like securing the ability to transport firearms on Amtrak trains and carry loaded guns in National Parks.

    In the states, GOA has been successfully pushing Firearms Freedom Acts around the country -- laws which allow guns that are made in their home states, and stay in those states, to be free of federal regulation. (Currently, there are seven states that have enacted such laws; several others are still in the process.)

    GOA also worked in Arizona to pass a new Alaska-style carry law which allows citizens to carry concealed firearms without first getting permission from the government.

    We have also lost some battles, as would be expected in a climate that is overwhelmingly controlled by liberals in Washington.

    So we need your help. We can win the battles that are facing us, but only if we each give our maximum effort. Thank you for your continued support for our work. Even if you can only a give a couple of dollars, every little bit counts.

    To make a contribution to Gun Owners of America, please visit: Join GOA Online With our Secure Online Membership form.

    Larry Pratt recently appeared on MSNBC's Hardball, hosted by Chris Matthews. The interview was, well, interesting to say the least. Just click on the top video at http://gunowners.org.

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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