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Thread: America is a Christian Nation

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    I guess it's time to start getting the prison camps ready, build some really big gas chambers and begin rounding up all the non-believers, then?
    Sorry Cocked and Locked, it is the non-believers that round people up and lock them away. We just preach to them and anyone that will listen, but we don't round up anyone.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Onlinedad View Post
    +1, just a friendly
    discussion of different ideas

    Maybe not so much that your rights are being eroded, but the world is becoming more tolerant of other people and their rights as well.
    Morals and/or ethics stem from emotion and logic. Which is why everyone is different. Everyone will have a different emotional response to a situation and come to a different logical conclusion as someone else, due to their past expieriences. (we could carry on this discussion as well, perhaps in a different post)

    I agree that destroying any part of historical value (statues, buildings, etc) is wrong... However, this is the same thing that the christians did to the Pagens when christianity was starting to force its beliefs on them.

    This is just my opinion... but, I will speculate... I think that the difficulty that you as christians are seeing, is that less and less people are believing your religion, and that is (slowly) turning your ideas into a minority. Therefore, you are not really being denied anything, except lack of power in the control of govt. and its policies/practices. You can still practice what you want to, but you cannot force others to practice the same way.
    Much has been done in the name of religion, but that is not what a born again believer has, we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Persecuting those that do not yet know the Lord is not part of the fruit of the spirit. Part of our problem is the chameleons who pretend to be Christians who come among us and do all sorts of havoc that is then blamed on the Christians. Sound familiar, look at the parable in Matthew 13 of the sower and the enemy who sowed bad seeds in the field. Unfortunately, since we still live in this flesh, our own sins can cause those around us to cal lus hypocrites from time to time due to our own actions. Well if you follow us around you will find that we are still sinners, just saved by grace. The correct place to look is to our Lord Jesus and His example which we try but fail to measure up to.

    As far as the falling away that you are describing, you should also know that is the prelude before judgement. You can be born twice and die once, or be born once and die twice. The new birth is a spiritual birth that you won't mistake for Santa Claus if you ever experience the real born again birth. I pray someday that you will, but those that have grown up in a Christian home and rejected it are the hardest to reach. Too bad, you were so close to the truth but didn't have eyes to see or ears to hear.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    How perceptive, Dad - I believe you hit the nail right on the head!

    And this notion ties right right in with the general anti-government paranoia, Obama-noia, immigraphobia, and other ailments we see encouraged here with the spread of appropriately targeted FUD. Christianity is a convenient, common thread easily wrapped around these topics.

    My interest in it is the entertainment value of watching them go kicking and screaming all the way.
    Dear cocked and Locked, I just spent six months in conservative Idaho and was surprised to find few Christians among those conservative. The mistake that America is making today is to supplant conservatism for Christianity. Conservatism does indeed follow after true Christianity, but conservatism alone is not enough. It will fail just as badly as liberalism if they likewise do not seek God themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska444 View Post
    The mistake that America is making today is to supplant conservatism for Christianity.
    No. The mistake is connecting politics with religion.

    You want argue semantics? You'll get no arguments here. I don't deal in or with FUD, which is all it amounts to when someone like you starts drawing fine lines between things like conservatives, Christians, politics and religion.

    There's no fear, uncertainty or doubt in my mind about exactly what is going on with this topic.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    No. The mistake is connecting politics with religion.

    You want argue semantics? You'll get no arguments here. I don't deal in or with FUD, which is all it amounts to when someone like you starts drawing fine lines between things like conservatives, Christians, politics and religion.

    There's no fear, uncertainty or doubt in my mind about exactly what is going on with this topic.
    Dear Cocked and Locked, for once we agree, but from a different perspective. The job of a Christian is to preach the gospel and preach against sin. That was the power of God in America and it did affect polititicians who were prone to sin and corruption (as are all people without the power of God to keep them straight). For the last 3 decades at least, a false gospel of politics from the pulpit has enterered the American realm where today Republican is synonymous with the religious right.

    Let me give you a concrete example of the power of God through the gospel vs the seeking to preach the gospel through the power of politics. Abraham separated himself from the world and would not even take any reward for saving the people and his nephew in Sodom and Gomorrah. He lived a godly life and through him God preached the gospel of Jesus Christ that from his seed (singular, prophetic of the Messiah) would all nations be blessed. Abraham was able to overcome even mighty nations through God's power.

    His nephew Lot on the other hand did not separate himself from the abundance of Sodom, the wickedness of Sodom nor the earthly power of Sodom, all of which his uncle Abraham did separate himself. Lot was sitting at the city gate as a judge when the two angels came to Sodom. Peter tells us Lot was a righteous man vexed by their unlawful deeds. Lot made the mistake of seeking to preach the gospel and God's righteousness through the earthly power of Sodom. Here in America in the last 30 or more years, the church has sought to preach the gospel through the power of the conservative politics. It will fail just as it did for Lot. Our job is to preach the gospel free of any earthly powers. When the church gets back to that job, then the politics of America moved by the power of God will once again be as it was in the time of Billy Sunday where he would close down the bars by simply preaching against them from the Bible. Our enemy is sin wherever we find it. Our ally is not the Republican party as so many of my fellow Christians mistake today, but it is as it always has and will be through the power of God alone through the preaching of the gospel to all creatures.

    So, I do respectfully disagree that the conservative movement will prevail in saving this nation from the depths it is transgressing today. Is America a Christian nation? Not today in many ways. True revival in this nation will only come through a II Chonicles 7:14 moment. The remedy of Lot is no remedy.

  7. Dear Cocked and Locked, I had to look up FUD. I think that you are referring to Fear, Uncertaninty and Doubt.

    Fear, uncertainty and doubt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Something new to my vocabulary. If you feel that I am advocating for a theocracy you are completely wrong if that is where you were heading. It is time for the church in America to get back to its true source of power, the gospel alone. Our marriage to conservative politics is only going to add to the downfall of America, not help it in any way. In the end, those in Sodom came for Lot who preached righteousness from the power of being a judge. It is a warning to take heed for the church today as well. It was the power of the gospel that founded this nation in an experiement of religious freedom nearly 400 years ago. That was the power of America for most of its history for the power has always until recently come from the people themselves. Today, we have usurped power because the church has forgotten its first love and its first principle to speak out against sin and to preach the gospel to one creature at a time, one on one.

    That is how God has power over a nation, one to one changing lives and becoming creatures of righteousness instead of slaves to sin. If America had a revival of its people and its politicians to become preachers of righteousness, you would see a new nation overnight in power and might,not through politics or military, just through the power of God. That is the history of this natiion decades ago that is now lost in this current generation. Preaching the gospel of conservative politics from the pulpit is a losing strategy for the church. Preaching against sin and preaching the gospel telling of the one true Saviour is the winning strategy for the church as seen from the Bible and in the context of history.

    So, I do not preach Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, but instead is the certainty of salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not FUD that I preach but simply GOD. It is not fear that I preach but the BIBLE which is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. So I will trade you FUD anyday for the truth of the Bible instead.

    Thank you for the post since I had never heard of FUD before. But a little bit of a long answer to say that is not at all where I was going. Thank you anyway.


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    Christianity is not a religion, Christianity is a "faith". Religion is man trying to get to God man's way, by "works". Christianity is man coming to God, God's Way, through "faith" in Christ who died in our place on a cross. Salvation is a gift, a gift is not something you work for. To receive this gift you must only "accept" it, in "faith". And , God does not send anyone to hell, man sends himself to hell when he rejects God's gift. Only man's PRIDE will prevent him from humbling himself to God, only mans PRIDE will bond him in ignorance of the truth, and his salvation.

    It never ceases to amaze me how man is so willing to accept the word of man over the word of God. However it's understandable, that's why there is a WIDE gate leading to hell, and many will enter, and the gate leading to Heaven is NARROW, and few will enter. Why is Israel significant in knowing the truth of the Bible? Here are just a few truths, to keep this message short. Israel is God's own personal piece of property, God gave this property to the Jew, God's chosen people. God prophesied thousands of years in advance that Israel would be dispersed, that happened in 70 AD., God also prophesied that in the Last Generation on earth that Israel would become a nation once more, never to be parted from the land again. Israel became a nation again in 1948, beginning the Last Generation, as God Prophesied. No nation in the history of the world has ever become a nation again once that nation has ceased to exist, except Israel. Let alone after almost 2000 years. God said that ALL nations will be against Israel in the Last Generation,we're seeing that happen today, and it's just the beginning. Israel will never be destroyed regardless of any power on earth that comes against it in These Last Days, we have God's word on it. Iran and Syria are a joke,they just don't know it, yet. Like I said, just a few truths, there are many more.
    ~ God Hates Religion ~
    But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.

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    Ringo I know. How ya doin, brother? Well said, as always.

    Alaska, nice to make your acquaintance. Again, well said.

    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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    Hey onlinedad: I guess you just can't get over that "Jew Problem". Did it make you feel better when you found it necessary to stick your "jews wil complain to not forget them because they fought in the rev war"? The saddest thing about your pointed "jew comments" is that you do not even realize what a bigot you really are. Go ahead and respond--show others how embarrassing you can really be. This thread is getting too "dirty" for me and I will not be around it anymore.

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    let me see if I can catch up...

    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    Time to jump in here, if only for a quick visit. Onelinedad, in the post above you used the word "force" twice that I see, in the context of Christians "forcing" their beliefs on everyone else. Ignoring the Inquisition, it is not a tenet of Christianity to "force" itself on anyone. In fact, the practice is anathema to the teachings of Christ. It is only via our free will that salvation can be attained.

    What we are arguing, however, is the essential history and nature of our nation. We Christians are lamenting the drifting away of our country, culture, and government from its Judeo-Christian roots and the very active drive, over recent decades, to remove all vestiges of our heritage from the public square. As I stated earlier, our fight for our "culture" is no different than that of any other. We're proud of it, we believe in its essential worthiness, and we will resist efforts to eradicate it.
    I did use the word force, because since its conception christianity has forced itself on others. Maybe not always as bloody as the inquisition, but it does happen. As stated earlier in this thread, someone also pointed out that in order to serve in any govt posititon, at the state level, most states required that you must be christian to take office. (just one example)

    Also Alaska this may be a response to one of your posts as well.... I'm not arguing that the history of America was not based on christianity, I'm sure it was, the proof has been well documented and discussed. Going along with the original general question of this post "is this a christian nation?" My argument is that we should not call ourselfs a _________ nation. We are a nation of many Especially nowadays.

    Having said all that, I have NO problem with persons of different beliefs; not all my friends are Christian by any stretch of the imagination (and I'm a poor one to boot). But I will fight to my last breath those who would attack my faith, my God, my Christian brothers and sisters and my country in order to destroy this heritage.

    I too have no problems with other peoples beliefs. I also have friends of different backgrounds, in fact I was raised christian. But, I dont try and preach to them about my lack of belief in their fairy tale beliefs, and they dont try and peach to me about their speggetti monster in the sky belief.

    I have several friends who are American Indians. They fight like hell to retain their culture. We Christians are doing the same.
    Thats fine that you want to keep your culture, just as long as your culture does not impose itself on me.

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