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Thread: OK...Fred's Out. NOW Who?

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    From the git go I was favoring Thompson and possibly Mike Huckabee. As the race went on thompson heart was not in it to win. So I swithced to Mike Huckabee. Two weeks ago when I was at the VA hospital in Little Rock I asked several Arkansasans their opinion of MIke as governor and they all praised him highly. At that time I switched to him. I am going to to his website now to contribute soem money. After Florida he needs it. He needs 10 million before Feb 5th. He has almost 4 million as of last night ans still climbing.

    Go Huck!
    Ret. MSgt

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    Please God...

    answer my prayer and let this come true.

    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    Huckabee out?

    Huckabee should go? It all depends on who you want as the Republican nominee. If Huckabee is in McCain get it. If Huckabee gets out now McCain probably still gets it but Romney has a chance. Either way, love him or hate him, for Huckabee to win would require the biggest miracle since the loafs and fishes

    That being said, whoever wins the White House itís the House and Senate that will have a greater effect on 2A issues. Thatís where we need to focus our efforts because no matter what pundits say, we stand at best a 50/50 chance at a Republican getting the Presidency.

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    My point

    was the headline about the Dems running a Clinton-Obama ticket. Personally, I reluctantly favor a McCain-Huckabee ticket as the best of what is remaining in the Rep party. But, it is a long way from my first choice as this campaign has degenerated to the most disturbing I have ever seen.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

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    I would like a Paul, Alan Keys ticket but I am not holding my breath.
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    HERE'S and Interesting bit of news!!
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    We need to stop wishing for what we canít have and start dealing with what weíre going to get. Both Republican possibilities are infinitely better than the Dems on a multitude of issues.

    If McCain gets the nod he is going to need every bit of support he can get to win. He is use to being a media darling. That will change the instant he becomes the nominee, how will he deal with becoming an overnight pariah?

    If Romney gets the nomination everyone will just have to get over their problems with his Mormonism. What will it really mater whatís wrong with both these guys (and there's alot) if it wins the war and gives us the right kind of Supreme Court appointments? Is there anything they could do to the country worse than what either Hillary or Obama would do?

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    I have to agree.Niether of my favorites are in the running at this point.But if Bozo the Clown was running on the GOP ticket,I would vote for him over hitlery rotten,or Obama.Whoever the Repub candidate is,he will be a better choice than the dems.
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    Unfortunately the Democrats are in a win win situation. No matter who wins the election they will have a liberal in the White House. I see absolutely no one I can vote for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Unfortunately the Democrats are in a win win situation. No matter who wins the election they will have a liberal in the White House. I see absolutely no one I can vote for.
    If the government of Pakistan falls and a Taliban like regime gains control of 16 nuclear warheads and medium range missiles to launch them, which liberal would you want as commander in chief? Sometimes a bad choice beats a horrific choice.

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