Possible Miranda Revision
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    Possible Miranda Revision

    Just read in paper that AG Holder is examining the current 1966 Supreme Court Miranda ruling with an eye towards ensuring that law enforcement agents have "necessary flexibility" to gather information from suspects in terror cases. If I had any faith in the current administration and its band of socialist/fascist criminals, I could quickly agree with the Ag's statement and intent, but knowing that this is the guy who likes to give terrorists "constitutional rights" and that this administration is heading down the road to complete control, I can also see "changes" (there is that ugly word again) to Miranda as opening the door to its more ominous intent of depriving you and I of our rights; after all aren't we terrorists as well since we dare to question our exalted leader and his goons? This, IMO, (and I sure hope I am wrong) is the beginning salvo of the takeover that will culminate in Nov, when the elections that throw out the democrat scum are halted in some fashion due to a "crisis". Call me a conspiracy nut but I do not and will not underestimate this band of criminals running our country.

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    I wonder when the trials are going to start in New York? GITMO was shut down in January...right??? We've got the best AG we've ever had!!!
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    While I sometimes believe the criminal has more rights than the victim changing Miranda could lead to innocent suspects being badgered into confessing or saying something that just didn't happen. This has happened in the past and was a big reason for Miranda being passed in the first place. I still believe one is innocent until proven guilty.

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    The change in the law could very well be used against all us paranoid, right wing, Christians, patriots.
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    No way do I agree to allow the gov't any "special circumstances" to dilute any Constitutional right, for any reason, terrorism included. Of course, this assumes the suspect is a citizen of the U.S. If they are, say, a Pakistani Taliban terrorist, you can chop off their damn heads immediately, in the street, for all I care.
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