Where are the Republican debates?
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Thread: Where are the Republican debates?

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    Where are the Republican debates?

    OK, I have been watching the Democratic debates on tv and am interested in seeing some Republican. I still have seen none. Am I missing something or is someone trying to get us to just look at the Democrat options? They don't look that good to me so far. The closest to "maybe" was John Edwards. Only because he was a little waffley on the gun issue. But, he did say he would try to reinstate the assault weopon moritorium.

    Well, best get back to work. Looking forwart to more posts on this particular subject of "Politics".
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    The RINO debates seem to occur half as often as the Dem debates. Fox has had a couple, CNN might have had one, and I remember one that was chaired by Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, but it was an online streaming debate only. Regardless, they all seem to be just dog&pony shows anyway.
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    I am sure you all haven't notice, but the media tends to favor the liberal side of things.

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