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    The thing about term limits is that, if they don't listen now, what do you think would happen in their last term? Knowing they couldn't get voted in again they are more likely to simply do what they want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    I say two terms in a row is enough.
    I Agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    I agree with term limits. It's like compost, or soil, gotta keep turning it over to get good things to grow.

    It is a privilege to work in government and represent the people. It should never become a career.
    Agreed...and well said!

    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    Take all the perks away and you won't need term limits.
    Not that it'll get far, but that's what the "28th Amendment" movement is about. Require those who make the laws (read: healthcare, retirement, Social Security, etc.) responsible to live by them, also. You'll see that social club thin out pretty fast, I'd bet. The opportunists would quickly find a way to seek their opportunities elsewhere.
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    Yes spector lost, but the democrat that beat him in the primaries is as much an OBama lapdog and anti-gun zealot as Spector. Joe Sestak is my congressman and he voted for the national takeover of medical care and did vote for the Cap and Trade bill, or as it is called, the Cap and Tax Bill. Hopefully, the gun owners in pennsylvania will galvanize their vote to beat this political hack who is cut out of the same mold as Spector, save not changing parties on two different occasions. Sestak was on the Clinton staff and no less a leftist.

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    Congressional seats USED to be part time positions with minimal pay.

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    EKTARR I'm talking about no retirement bennies and lavish insurance policies they can take with them when they leave office. This is NOT suppose to be a career field. Was never meant to be a career by the founding fathers. Making them fallow the same laws they pass for us would be a plus.
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