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Festus, I disagree with your comments about Obama, and Muslims. I agree, the major networks are not always the best sources. I often turn on Fox news, until Mrs. Iceman starts yelling.

I agree, you do list your sources. Thank You.

However, 99% of your postings are FEAR UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT. If I believed most of what you cut and paste here, I would be sure and vote democratic. Hell, I would even send money to the team of Obama/Clinton.

Mrs Iceman BFA, Kent State 1972, thinks you have some real issues and need help. Mrs Iceman is a hard core liberal, but owns two pistols, and his a permit to carry.

Festus, the world is not black and white. You are scaring people with your postings. Want people to vote republican? Tone it down some.
The truth is always scary. I don't usually interject but you are forcing my hand. As long as I have sources the articles will be forwarded. If they are scary...then please review world history circa 1929-1944. We saw many of the same things take place in Germany and Japan.

Please review the Russian revolution..again many of the same type of things took place.

While you are at it...look at how business has been done in Cuba.

See what a "great guy" Castro really is.

Ask starving people in North Korea if socialism is really worth it.

finally ask people who live in China if they will even discuss the wrongness of Tienimen square.

Like I said the truth is scary...you my friend are just starting to open your eyes to the truth.

We'll get you through it because the truth will set you free.