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    Well, I am glad something I said made sense - sometimes I feel that I ramble.

    I agree with the previous posts. If the business (shopping center, etc) has a sign there are two things to consider: 1. Does this sign carry the weight of the law in your state (some states it does, other's it's just trespassing if you are caught AND refuse to leave)? 2. Do you really need to shop here or should you consider a competitor and let the management know that you are displeased with their view on legal gun owners and your right to defend yourself AND their customers - I see having a concealed permit holder in a store as advantageous for the company rather than a liability. I would explain to them that all signs in 'gun free zones' (Virginia Tech, Trolley Square, etc) do it attract violence and that I am willing to take my business and the business of everyone I talk to elsewhere.

    If it is your work, you have a different dilemma. I personally believe that my life is more important than ANY company policy, and if I, at some time in the future, am fired for such an infraction, I would gladly voice my displeasure with the media regarding the refusal of my employer to grant me the right to defend myself and then find a job elsewhere. You can get another job, you can't get another life.

    As for fear, I remember you mentioning the mall. Yes, there are places that are more susceptible to mass violence (areas of congregation), but I think we ought to be careful not to live our lives in fear. I'm not coming down on you or anyone else, this is just my personal opinion. I think we should continue to live our lives the way we did before we carried our firearms - only with a heightened state of awareness (live in condition yellow). There is no need to live in fear, it will only destroy you and your happiness. What we should do is prepare for disaster and train so that when the floods come, when the earthquakes hit or when the crazies start shooting... we will know what to do and have the means to survive. That is my personal opinion and reasoning for carrying everywhere I am - including inside my home. I obey the laws, but I tend to have a "don't ask, don't tell" view towards policies.

    I hope that cleared up some of what you asked me, if not, please rephrase and I will give it another go :) I hope you get your permit soon, you'll be a great asset to those around you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneticsDave View Post
    I hope that cleared up some of what you asked me, if not, please rephrase and I will give it another go :) I hope you get your permit soon, you'll be a great asset to those around you!
    Thanks again, and I hope to get it soon too - I need to get a carry gun too, but I have some debt I need to get paid off first. Until then, I carry at home, and in the car - SC allows me to carry in the console / glove box of the vehicle. so I'm 1/2 there now...
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    For the most part,I obey the laws.I don't carry in a place that has the 51% sign out front,I don't carry in the court house,etc.I don't carry in hospitals because it is not legal,and I think that sucks big time,because that puts me at the mercy of any BG that wants to come in there and start making a point.And we all know that the police won't get there in time to stop him and when they DO get there,they won't be able to do much except dragg the bodies out and make a report,but that's the law.I thank God that I don't need to go to the hospital or the court house very often.As for business establishments,I will either take my business elsewhere,or simply not go to that kind of business.I do stray from the 'legal' path from time to time.It is,I believe,illegal to carry in a church in the state of Texas.I will not stop going to church just because some idiot in the legislature thinks I shouldn't pack there.I also will not forget that bad things have happened in churches.I deliberately carried in church before.I wanted to(and in reallity NEEDED to)hear the sermon,but I refused to be unarmed,leaving myself and my family unprotected.I will deliberately carry in church again.Sometimes,to my way of thinking,I feel like I have to disregard what is legal and illegal and concentrate on what's right and wrong.I have not forgotten about ethics.I feel that I have no ethical dilema,because I feel that I am behaving ethically.I am a GG,not a BG because I do not harm or threaten to harm,or harass anyone.Remember the Holocaust?The slaughters in the former Soviet Union and Communist China?We feel like thay were BG's.They were all following the law,weren't they?
    I am NOT suggesting that you break the law or policies where you are.This is just the way I feel.You do what's best for you and your family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    ...or find another place to spend your hard-earned money instead of with a vendor who has no respect for your Constitutional Rights!
    VOTE with your dollars! Do not support those businesses or environments that post or have policies against firearms. AND LET THEM KNOW IT! If you don't, they simply assume it is fine and not costing them any business.
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    I would never carry in a place that is unquestionably illegal to do so. Having said that, however, I have and will carry in violation of my company's policy if I feel that my well being outweighs the violation of a policy. I would rather be looking for another job than the alternative if I needed my gun and it wasn't with me. Also, there is no such thing as a "safe place" these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gunny View Post

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Then I might even go back or call and speak to the manager. I would inform him that I just bought a complete set of tires at your competitor down the street and do you want to know why I didn't buy from you? Because of that little sign you have out front. I bet if more people did that and they knew it would affect business they might be inclined to remove it.
    I love this idea. people need to know that even though they may not like it, other people have their rights too. also maybe let them know that the "no gun" sign is pretty much a "welcome" sign for the bg because the bg knows at that point that 1. the cops are not fast enough most of the time. and 2. no one in that place of business is going to be able to stop him. get rid of the sign and keep the bg guessing.

    anyone like Bill Engvall? I'll give you a sign. put it around your neck, it says "I'm stupid"..... "here's your sign".

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    USCCA, (and others) have come up with a little card, the size of a business card. It features a no gun sign = no $ sign. A little text below it clarifies it for those unable to figure it out.

    A neat idea for just handing the card to management and then going elsewhere.
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    I like the card idea. I think I'll take it with me the next time I'm on the road. Too bad we don't have CC here in Hawaii. Now that I've heard that Goodyear is "anti", I'll continue to take my vehicles to Firestone and spread the word among my fellow 2A buddies.

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