A Little Help, Please...?
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Thread: A Little Help, Please...?

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    A Little Help, Please...?

    Recently, while cruising the Web, I came across a thing that I want to find again and I'm having the Devil's own time coming up with it. Maybe one of you can help a brother out...

    It was an offer...a solicitation of sorts...offering (I'll paraphrase) "Handed to You On a Platter," a completely prepackaged lawsuit addressing Right to Carry for anyone who wanted to put their ass on the line and challenge prevailing laws in their State.

    Not for nothin', but I'm very interested in finding that site again. Seems to me it was at the tail end of a larger 2A site, at the bottom, and was a link to the information and contact data. (Serves me right for not tagging it when I was there, but this one needed a certain 'incubation period' to take hold.)

    Anything you can do to help steer me back to it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sorry, I tried. I could not find it either.

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