Citizens Border Militia
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    Citizens Border Militia

    What ever happened to that Grassroots Volunteer Militia that sprang up to patrol the Arizona border?

    I forget what they called themselves.

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    Minuteman Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Minuteman Civil Defense Corps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Not sure they're gonna be much help, but those are the groups' wikipedia pages.
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    It started off as a great idea. "Defend our borders from the brown hordes"

    As they soon discovered, the Arizona desert is not fit for man or beast.

    It was a rather boring adventure. Nobody ever got to shoot any mexicans.

    So, they packed up their guns, bibles, and flags, and went home.

    What did they call themselves?
    I could think of a few things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugerdon View Post
    What ever happened to that Grassroots Volunteer Militia that sprang up to patrol the Arizona border?

    I forget what they called themselves.
    Rick Shaftan/Declaration Alliance/March 24, 2010

    “The Declaration Alliance received the news yesterday of the closing of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc. corporate entity.

    “Declaration Alliance will continue with its long-time commitment to border security and anti-illegal immigration activism projects in much the same fashion as it has for years. That commitment has included providing funds, communications and logistical support for responsibly organized citizen rallies, educational functions, public advocacy and the famed border watches of the sterling Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Incorporated volunteers. With some necessary structural changes, we at Declaration Alliance will do all we can to continue to keep Minutemen empowered.

    "We are saddened by the decision of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Incorporated Board to terminate their corporate entity out of concern for their volunteers' safety and accelerating liability threats, but we certainly understand it. The cynical failure of the federal government to secure our southern border has made the US-Mexico borderline a virtual war zone, and the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.'s organized and public patrols are increasingly a target of the violent cartels Minuteman border watches disrupt.

    “Unfortunately, citizen activism is experiencing some increase of pressure by undesirable elements seeking to subvert the Minuteman movement's outstanding track record of safety in the field. However, neither enemies to America, nor outsiders whose beliefs are inimical to the patriotic mission and principles of the national Minuteman movement, will succeed in preventing Declaration Alliance and our thousands of supporters across America from pursuing effective activism to address our border crisis.

    "Declaration Alliance will continue with all the assistance and support to citizen vigilance on these vital issues we can muster. The MinutemanHQ website serving the broader Minuteman movement, and other efforts we are associated with in this fight will remain in full swing. The Declaration Alliance's MCDC Project and MCDC Political Action Committee are on-going. A new Amnesty legislative battle is coming before the nation from an out-of-control Congress, and experienced Minutemen across America will meet that challenge. Declaration Alliance will be standing with them. Our nation’s future is at stake.

    “We are also pleased to announce that Chris Simcox, who five years ago was a founder of the Minuteman movement to do the job our government failed to do -- secure our borders -- will be rejoining us as honorary chairman and policy strategist. Chris’s continued commitment to the MCDC Project and Declaration Alliance is a strong signal countering those who welcome a weakened America that the movement to secure our borders, halt amnesty and stop the illegal alien invasion will continue, with a renewed and urgent emphasis on political action.

    “With the Obama Administration pushing ‘a path to citizenship’ for illegal aliens, Chris’s participation is a sign that Obama, John McCain and the rest of the open-borders crowd that supports amnesty will continue to face an organized force of American citizens determined to save our nation.

    “We commend all the leaders and volunteers of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Incorporated for their sacrificial service to American liberty, and encourage them to stay in the fight and stand with us at MinutemanHQ.
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    Academic Question

    Good points... I know that the movement had a few fiscal issues and kind of fizzled out...but...

    The reason I bring this up is this: When the Minuteman Project started, it kind of got a mixed reception from the Bush Administration. Sort of: "Hey, you can't do that, it is our job; you'll get in our way" Then, when they realized it was legal, they kind of ignored it.

    So, given the political rhetoric that is spewing over this Immigration Issue, and given the attitude of our current Administration, I wonder what kind of reception a similar project would receive now??

    Anyone care to guess??

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    By the way...

    I forgot the say to all our Active Duty Military folks and Fellow Veterans:

    Thank you foryor service to our country and may God continue to show you His Grace!

    Semper Fi...Don

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    mojo Guest
    Any citizen of the US that is a land-owner in any of the border states whose land is actually on the border IMO should be armed and ready at all times to defend their rights as Americans. One of those is the ownership of and defense of private property.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rugerdon View Post
    What ever happened to that Grassroots Volunteer Militia that sprang up to patrol the Arizona border?

    I forget what they called themselves.
    yea id like to help out

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    There used to be another group called Ranch Rescue, and I THINK they are still around, but I am not sure. I'll look when I get home.

    I too was thinking about this the past few months, and after seeing the border patrol agent get killed this morning, I'm even more interested.

    Edit: I just realized this was resurrected from the dead... Is this topic still alive and semi active?
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  11. Where i did not get to serve my country as so many of my friends,family & students have in the military.
    I am a patriot of this country and want to make a difference. i believe defending our borders are more tantamount then the wars in the middle east. id rather our men and women die in our country defending it then 10000 miles away.

    I have no military background but have 23 years in martial arts, and a professional cage fighter.firearms training and my own weapons.

    i am not anxious to shoot at anyone, i only want security for my family and country.

    im willing to volunteer my time to help the cause.

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