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Well, in that case lets just turn in all our guns and what is left of our rights now and get it over with! That is what you are saying right? Nothing is written in concrete my friend. Anything that can be put in place by man, can be taken apart by man. I agree that the home team is looking a little weak right now, but so is the visiting team (Obama and crew). I think that anything is possible.
No my friend, that is not what I'm saying. You can keep your guns as long as they let you keep them, I wouldn't give them up before then. The handwriting may not be in concrete, but it has certainly been written on the wall and you have to be blind not to see it. Voting can change the players but not the rules of the game. What man has put into place can be taken apart by man, that's true, your seeing it happen every other day, our Constitution is a good example. What man is currently putting into place can also be taken apart, but, it will not be in your lifetime, and that is the problem. Only with God are all things possible. What God has written, God has put into place, and no man will take it apart, or slow it down.