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    Here is a video describing the work that QOV is doing to help our heroes!

    We welcome donations to help purchase thread, fabric and batting. We do not accept payment for our services. Our soldiers have given, so this is our way of giving back to them!

    Enjoy the video.

    John and Kate Meyers

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    What a heartwarming video. Thank you for letting us know about QOV. The dedication and passion of the wonderful people, who make these quilts for our wounded heroes, is a testimony to the indelible American spirit. God bless every one of you.

    A donation is on the way!
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Thank you for sharing this program with us. I'd heard of them and the great work they do before. Your link gave me the opportunity to share on Facebook.

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