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    as for the emergency bill for the internet they did that this week in Pensacola on the base. Even though everyone knew for days that the prez was onboard they shut down the whole internet for his stay on base. I don't know what it accomplished other the inconvenience for people trying to do their jobs (me) I also heard from someone who lived in downtown Pensacola that their land line was not working for parts of the day. Maybe trial runs to see the affects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    If I were a bettin' man...which I am not...I think I'd put a few bucks on some sort of (real or imagined) "serious emergency" popping up around September/October... <snip> ...

    And if not this September/October, certainly by September/October of '12.
    This very same thought crossed my mind some weeks ago.

    What I thought was the "crisis" would be of such a nature that "In the interest of national stability we will temporarily postpone the election"...

    Think it cant happen?

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