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Thread: Arizona Illegals Already Appear to be Exiting

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    I thought these folks were illegal aliens, not illegal immirgants. An immigrant, by definition, desires to "immigrate" and is willing to pursue the process to citizenship. Back in the 80s when Reagan gave a bunch of them amnesty they were called aliens, PC seems to be re-programming the masses?
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    Calling an illegal immigrant an "undocumented worker" is akin to calling an illegal drug dealer an "undocumented pharmacist".

    I heard that today, Hillary Clinton spilt the beans that the DepState is going to file suit against Arizona over this law. - Clinton: Administration Will File Suit Over Arizona Immigration Law

    That'll be a neat lawsuit to follow. "This administration is explicitly opposed to enforcing the letter of its own law if it'll cost us votes, and we can't broach the states doing it for us."
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  4. While I fully support Arizona's decision and am glad it's working out, I thought I'd play Devil's Advocate for a second.

    Most people who are opposed to this bill do so out of fear of Hispanics being racially profiled. They think that police will use this bill to harass Hispanics, even if some of those Hispanics might be legal citizens. As much as we don't like being targeted as criminals (especially open-carrier), I can imagine that a lot of other people wouldn't want to be profiled either.

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    In Texas, the GOP platform includes passing a law like the one in AZ allthough the Govenor who is running for re-election is against it. I think all states need to pass a law like this and start a vollenteer State miltia to guard the borders.

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    I have not problem with profiling. I am Caucasian. If Caucasians were say in a crime spree I would not have a problem with the fact that the police were not checking out Asians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unfettered Might View Post
    Now we just need to get the other 49 states to follow suit and they will have nowhere left to go but back home.
    now if we can just convince them to do it!!!!

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