June 13th, 2010 Las Vegas, NV

Where’s the money Harry Reid?
While Harry Reid plays the word association game with the word “Scientology” as his campaign tries to tie Sharron Angle to that organization, by using the logic that if I suggested someone watch a movie that starred one of the Hollywood actors associated with that organization, then I must be part of that organization.

Okay Harry, want to associate people to a word? Let’s associate the name Harry Reid to “Fraudtology”. That is the religious practice of stealing from the American people on an annual basis through hidden money trails within the government budget process.

In the July 2009 GAO report of the audit of the 2008 US Government financial statements, the findings could be categorized as criminal forensics.

Just ask any CPA or accounting professional, which I was for some 25 years, what it means when the auditors make the following statement:

“For the Second consecutive year, GAO rendered an unqualified opinion on the Statement of Social Insurance.”
Seems the GAO can’t find the $2.3 trillion in Social Security Funds that was entrusted to the government.

Where is the money Harry Reid?
Reid is concerned that US Senate GOP candidate Sharron Angle would privatize a program that the Congress has already turned into a Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme in the trillions. What is Harry Reid and the Democrats trying to hide?

To make matters worse than the government’s inability to find the absconded Social Security funds, it seems that the whole Federal Government Financial System has experienced “significant deficiencies” to report the flow of cash in and out of the government coffers.

Per the GAO, “Certain material weaknesses in financial reporting and other limitations on the scope of our work resulted in conditions that for the 12th consecutive year prevented us from providing the Congress and the American people an opinion on the federal government’s financial statements”

Funny thing is that this would put the beginning of the “Accounting problems” in the second term of the Clinton Administration, when the Fannie Mae scam was at its height of corruption and theft. The religious sect of “Fraudtology” must have begun it’s sermons in the White House when Monica Lewinsky was not present.

To put this into Sharron Angle speak, “Where’s the money Harry Reid?”

The Democrats have been busy piling on government program after government program in order to add more money schemes to tax the American People in-order to fund the total mismanagement of the federal government.

One look at the extreme growth of the federal budget and the deficit and one sees the caper to allow the federal government to borrow money to hide the missing money, the Congress and Harry Reid have been negligent to find.

While Harry Reid wants to attack Sharron Angle for suggesting the elimination of failed government agencies that waste close to half a trillion tax payer dollars, he should be leading the US Senate into investigating the half a trillion dollars that appears to have been siphoned off to who knows where, right under Harry Reid’s own nose.

Maybe this is why Harry’s US Senate partner in crime Democratic Senator Chris Dodd is not running for re-election, but running for the border instead.

Let’s hope that Sharron Angle, the GOP energizer bunny candidate for US Senate, puts this in her sights and maybe she will find the missing money, when she replaces Harry Reid. Sounds to me like the orange jumpsuits maybe given out to the Democratic Sect of Fraudtology.


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