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    just contacted sen. lincoln, sen. pryor, and gongressman marion berry. sen. lincoln's office secretary answered and i told her to use what influence she has to stop the moritorium on oil drilling. as it was going to cost thousands of jobs, millions of lost wages and the rigs would not just sit idle for six months. i also asked her to see about the southern border. because if the drug cartells have gained 80 mile penatration into arizona and blm has put it off limits ti american citezens, and if they don't get a handle on it they will be in arkansas next. sen. pryor's office was aprised of my concerns on both issues and was told not to wory about gas going up and i said if we lost the oil already here that we would have to buy it from countrys that don't like us. as far as the border she said that was a arizona issue and i told her it was a national security issue. gongressman berry was pretty much the same. i told them all that if they would not act for the intrest of america that we would see to it they were looking for a new job come november!!!!

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    Like oldvet, we ALL need to hammer our congressmen on these issues. They need to know how strongly we feel about "drill here, drill now" and securing our borders. You were absolutely on target, oldvet, when you informed them that this is NOT just an Arizona issue...it's a national security issue!
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