Kagan Facts and Values (MUST READ MATERIAL)
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    Interesting reading Festus! Thanks. I noted in a statement attributed to Kagan that she feels that judges should favor
    "those that are despised and disadvantaged" above others. Don't recall reading anything in the Constitution about
    favoring anyone --- Justice is supposed to be blind and ALL TREATED EQUALLY under the law. If someone is truly
    despised and disadvantaged, it's been my experience over the years that they have deserved that title for one reason or
    Don't get me wrong here. I believe in giving people a helping hand, but ONLY if they are willing to help themselves in
    conjunction with that helping hand; someone who is prone to work their way out of problems rather than sit on their butt
    and wait for others to provide for them.
    In my opinion, if Bork was rejected for being too straightforward in his judicial beliefs, then Kagan should be equally rejected for with holding or mis-stating her true judicial beliefs. It appears that her "judicial" beliefs are social than judicial.
    Let's all demand from our Congressmen that they reject her nomination in favor of someone who will uphold our
    Constitution rather than interpret it to their viewpoint. We do not need more legislating from the bench, especially at the
    Supreme Court level.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

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