just taught a college student what form of goverment we have
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Thread: just taught a college student what form of goverment we have

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    just taught a college student what form of goverment we have

    i have just tought a college student who lives next door to me what form of goverment we have. he said we have a democratic form of goverment. i explained we have a republican form of goverment, no where in the Declaration Of Independence or the Constitution is democrat or democracy. i explained that in a democratic form of goverment is a majority rule and if they can convince the people to take away your home or property or children then they can. when Benjamin Franklin left the signing of the constitution he was asked by by a woman "sir what kind of goverment have you given to us? and he replyed "a republic, mam, if you can keep it" now i'm not well educated as i have a G.E.D that i got after a couple of years in the Army. and a couple of trade school courses. we have a repulican form of goverment which is a rule of laws that apply to all equally and no one is above the law of the land that our founding fathers gave us. but this young man is on the "Deans List". i just pray that our education system does a 180 and begins to teach the truth about American history! and the diffrent types of goverment.
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    It was a good try, but in today's society the truth doesn't enter the picture. The young ones are just repeating what they learned in books provided by the school system. I have always made the case that you can't always believe what is written in one book, as it is the author's opinion's and accounts on a particular subject. He or she could be totally wrong, so there is a need to reference many sources of subject, and then draw a conclusion from the facts, or a majority of like minded opinion's based upon any given topic. It's like this forum, there are many experts on different subjects all believing they have the correct answer. In the end though it comes down to what you want to believe based upon the facts laid before you.

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