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    Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post
    I think the "gunkeepers" would need to be in greater number than the "guntakers," at that particular time. That would be tough. Organization would need to be detailed and concise, though this would certainly be construed as Big Sis Janet's "Home grown terrorism." Doing so, and being in the right place at the right time in number could either force a realization of Constitutional rights, or a larger standoff.
    Wow, I think I just reenacted the Battle of Lexington !

    That was pretty nasty how they tackled that old lady.
    I'm curious of how police reacted to citizens who answered "No" to the question of having firearms, regardless of whether the No was truthful, or less than honest.
    Yes it was nasty but sadly they are trained to react that way. She had the gun in her hand and showed it to them which caused them to react that way. her mistake was having it in her hand and not using it, thats why you need to have your weapon holstered until you need to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
    Because we banded together...

    If/when they come it will most likely be at night & without warning. You will hear a knock on your door & when you open the door a 6 man entry team will push you aside as they barge into your house. Your wife will scream & your kids will start crying. While you are trying to get your head around what is happening one of them will push you to the ground & cuff you "for your own safety".

    That is if they dont think you are much of a threat. If they do your 1st inclination that something is amiss is when the breaching charge shatters your door.

    Unless you are on a perpetual war footing you can not stand against that. And even if you are alone you stand no chance.

    We must get organized & start banding together now while we can or sure as shootin we will get picked off one at a time as I illustrated above.
    I keep a gun with me 24/7 let them bust through the door, they will be treated like any un-invited home invader, I am 6'7" 280lbs trained exmailitary and Law Enforcement it's going to take more then one to push me down, yes they will get me but I will take two or three with me. I can't wait long enough for people to organize I have been involved with groups like that in the past. Its a hard thing to get people to come togethr as a well trained group. Think about it for a second how many times have the people comne together when the law went after a certain group. The American people sat back and watched it, we just accepted what the law did and never questioned it because it was the law doinbg it. We give them that right because we take what they do at face value and get our infornation from the news. Was Waco what it was truely reported to be, was Ruby Ridge? I am no threat to anyone much less the grovenment but when unjustly attacked I will push back

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    that was a sad video indeed. the government should be ashamed. if law enforcement was given an order to carry out such as this, and did infact accept it, then they make themselves the enemy. i have many friends who are leo in various agencies and they state clearly if given such an order they will turn in their badge.

    and for those that have family that rely on them, how can you protect your family in a disaster situation such as the video without your weapons? id rather die free and at arms than unarmed and at the mercy of the crappy federal agents. Ruby Ridge is a perfect example of the government going too far. when will you say you've had enough?
    "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

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