An Admission of Fiscal Failure - June, 2010
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Thread: An Admission of Fiscal Failure - June, 2010

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    An Admission of Fiscal Failure - June, 2010

    What House Democratic leaders call a “budget enforcement resolution” is in fact just another
    “deeming” scheme – one that concedes they cannot meet their most fundamental governing
    responsibility: writing a congressional budget. They have created a masquerade that only
    advances their spend-as-you-go philosophy, accelerating the march toward a fiscal and economic
    crisis. They are doing so because a majority of rank-and-file Democrats cannot vote for a budget
    with trillion-dollar deficits. As even House Budget Committee Chairman Spratt has
    acknowledged: “You can say that that’s a lack of courage.”

    Read the rest of the Report:

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    The experiment that was the Democratic States of America is over. All but the conflagration. Pretty much the worst parts are in the Bible.

    Save what you can of your own and prepare to defend it with guns, because the government won't be able to do anything after the entire country goes the way of Maywood, CA.
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
    Don't retreat. Just reload.

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