On March 1, I emailed the illinois state police stating I was a Wisconsin resident, CCW license, and wanted to drive through IL with my handgun and hunting rifles. I received a response this morning March 3 as follows and this is a quote from the email: "Out of state residents who do not have a concealed carry license in their state traveling through Illinois with a firearm must transport it unloaded, enclosed in a case, and not easily accessible to them in the vehicle. If the individual has a concealed carry license in their state of residence, they can transport the firearm loaded and anywhere in the vehicle. It must remain in the vehicle and must be locked away if they exit the vehicle." It was from isp.state.il.us and asked me not to respond to the message. I plan to hustle through with no overnights on my way south, playing it on the conservative side, handgun and rifles in the trunk AND a copy of this email with me! Good luck. Fiddlestick