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  1. Restricted Rhode Island Carry Permits

    Question Ladies and gentlemen. Does Rhode Island law allow for restrictions (ie. work purposes only) to be placed on a carry permit. People have been asking me and I just dont know the answer. I have searched through Rhode Island General Laws 11-47 and cannot find anything that would indicate that the restrictions that are being placed on these permits are in accordance with RI law. Does anyone know anything?
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  3. Some do. Others have no restrictions at all. And i herd of some restricted to work only. I got lucky none

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    I can tell you that here in New York State There is no law or, Code for issung restricted permits. New York State leaves it up to the Issuing Judge. If you get caught carrying outside your restrictions you will not be charged with a crime But, you can and, probably will have your permit revoked. Basically each issuing county, city,town has the right to put Administrative Restrictions on Pistol Permits in New York. Its up to the Judge. There is nothing in the Penal law that states you will be charged for carrying outside your Restrictions. Hope this helps you

  5. The RI carry laws are kinda funky. There are two different permits. One from the police chief of the municipality of which you live in, or from the attorney general. If you get one from your town there is no 7 day wait like everyother resident that doesnt have a town permit. Also, they usually dont put restrictions. Then there is the one from the attorney general. With that one you have to wait 7 days still and they will put restrictions even though in the RI carry laws state nothing about restrictions. Also, RI is sappose to be a shall issue state and some police chief's say they are not giving them out. Some RI towns have been brought to court and lost. Hope this was some help!!

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    In other words, it's all a mess. Rhode Island, Connecticut and Alabama all need more uniform shall-issue modeled concealed carry law.

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    from the open carry group in RI. What is the status of RI permit issuance? Shall issue? may issue? what?

    RI 11-47-11 is shall issue. Mosby v Devine (RI Supreme Court 851 a2d) verified this, many chiefs drag their feet and are not cooperative. They put up a hurdle .

    As far as open carry, it is only "allowed" under an Attorney General permit (RI 11-47-18) which is may-issue.

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