To the editor:
Another sweeping overhaul of the nation's freedom is going to be swept away as the financial regulations bill is presented to President Barack Obama's for his willing signature.
This - just like the takeover of our health care, the takeover of the car industry and our government's out-of-control spending with the stimulus bill that has done nothing except offer temporary jobs to the chosen few - has got to stop.
In November, people are going to be looking at the size and scope of the federal government and its spending and debt and see that a lot of aspects of this administration are making things worse in terms of getting America back to work rather than better.
I just read where U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson, D-St. Clairsville, said, "I share the concerns that many Americans have about our country's financial future. With our debt at more than $13 trillion and growing, there is a legitimate concern about how we begin to correct our economic course. As a Blue Dog Democrat, I have always taken tackling our debt very seriously. I signed onto and voted for statutory pay-as-you-go, which is now law. If Congress wants to spend, it must figure out a way to pay for it."
What a joke - Blue Dog Charlie has voted for every government takeover bill that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked him to. The only bill he didn't vote for was cap and trade because Pelosi said, "I have enough votes, Charlie." Did Charlie ever stand up and denounce cap and trade?
And, by the way, Charlie, have you and Congress already figured a way to pay for it?
Just add another tax to those of us who are still working, or maybe a 55 percent death tax.
I had the opportunity to listen to Republican candidate Bill Johnson, our soon-to-be 6th District congressman, the other night at the home of Geary and Mary Kay Bates, and what a breath of fresh air.
Bill said we need change - we don't need rhetoric, we need action. We literally can't afford two more years of Charlie Wilson.
I say we need someone to represent the people of Ohio and Ohio business, not the big government politics of Washington, and I think Bill Johnson is that person.
A few days ago Charlie and Bill had their first debate. During their debate, Charlie stood up and said, "Bill, tell me one thing the Republican Party has done for immigration reform?"
Bill said, "The governor of Arizona is a Republican."
I say this isn't about Republican nor Democrat, this is about stopping the government takeover.
This isn't about black or white, this is about what is right for America. Politics is trying to divide us. We can't let that happen.
Chuck White