Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Hereby Michael Zak
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Thread: Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Hereby Michael Zak

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    Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Hereby Michael Zak

    Sad but true article:

    Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Hereby Michael Zak

    I’m a warrior trained by Khalid Muhammad
    I’m a terrorist trained by Usama bin Laden
    Demolitionist, breaking down the walls of the rotten
    Never hit and miss
    So, first time, take out your target
    You want freedom?
    You’re gonna have to kill some crackers!
    You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies!

    Minister King Samir Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther Party

    Patriots understand the threat posed by the New Black Panthers and ACORN and other Democratic Party-protected groups. As the mid-term elections approach, these thugs will become ever more aggressive. Remember that Barack Obama’s marching orders were for them to get in the faces of his opponents and to bring a gun. Where can all this be headed?
    In 1935, at a time when many intellectuals viewed fascism as a progressive movement, Sinclair Lewis wrote a novel that envisioned a political tragedy akin to the Obama presidency. It Can’t Happen Here is the story of Berzelius Windrip, a charming, charismatic demagogue who, in the midst of an economic crisis, is elected president by promising lots of free goodies for everyone.

    Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Here - Big Government
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    Shabazz is a piece of work and what is amazing is it is legal for him to reproduce.
    Semper Fi

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