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Thread: Nra challenges constitutionality of federal handgun ban for law abiding 18-20 yr olds

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    Quote Originally Posted by mullet View Post
    Back in the 70\'s many states lowered the drinking age from 21 to 18. Nothing but problems. Now the drinking age is back to 21.

    Here is my take. If you posses a military ID card, you should be allowed to drink, and carry a pistol. Not at the same time, but you get my meaning. Otherwise keep it 21 for both.

    These days, most 18yo\'s are still children.

    IMHO the nra is rattling its sword over this age issue.
    If they commit a crim at 18 they are considered an adult reguardles of their maturity.

    At 18 their rights are no different than a 50 year old, we need to respect that fact. yes some 18 even 21 year olds are immature as hell these days, but that does not change the fact that they have the same rights as i do the moment they turn 18.

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    I still don't understand the problem with them having one. If they join the Military they can have a gun and use it in another country or on the base but not allowed to leave the base with it. Yet if that same person wants to become a Police Officer, he can go through all the training except for weapons qualification and can't officially become a Cop till he is 21. He is dispatcher or a coffee boy. How is that fair?

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