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  1. More new legislation

    We all need to keep on these deadbeat anti's!

    Bill Text - 111th Congress (2009-2010) - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

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    They never seem to get it that bans and laws just make criminals want one and the honest people can't get one. Another bad law proposal.

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    We have no one to blame but ourselves. You have to live someplace like assachusetts to realize how it happens. I travel the country and see how much more freedom there is in other states, and I get sick thinking that we have all slid into such a state of complacency here. Nobody wants to make waves. Nobody wants to stand out or be made an example of. People here just want to go to work, come home and have a beer and watch some brainless tv show, and be able to pay the bills and have a week vacation each year, and be LEFT ALONE!

    One neighbor I sometimes go hunting with won't even wear his hunting clothes on the way to the woods. He doesn't want people to take notice that he's a hunter and changes when he gets there when it's still dark out and about 20* How pathetic is that? Most gun owners here are content to operate under ground and be treated like second rate citizens.

    I'm fed up. I'm not afraid to rock the boat, because I've already been treading water for too long. So EVERYBODY in the pool! You want to see some "Community organizing" Mr. Obama? Good! I plan on organizing everyone into legal gun owners and activists and GOAL and NRA members, and vote all the communist bastids out of the state house. This place is upside down AND inside out. I'm going to start by going door to door with fliers offering safety instruction courses for half price in my neighborhood where we are going through a rash of break ins and heroin dealers. This used to be a nice neighborhood, and it will be again. We can take back our state one town at a time.
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