Dirty Harry Reid Pushing Amnesty AGAIN...
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Thread: Dirty Harry Reid Pushing Amnesty AGAIN...

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    Dirty Harry Reid Pushing Amnesty AGAIN...

    Dirty Harry Reid Pushing Amnesty AGAIN...

    From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA Date: Tuesday 14SEP2010 3 p.m. EDT

    HARRY REID Amnesty Threat

    Friends, we need your phone calls and faxes immediately to counter a gigantic nationwide amnesty push that began a few hours ago.

    The Senate is being bombarded with demands today that it pass the DREAM Act amnesty during the next three weeks before Congress adjourns for final campaigning.

    It now is possible that there could be an amnesty vote as early as next week!

    ACTION 1: Send free faxes to your 3 Members of Congress. They are posted on your Action Board at:
    NumbersUSA | For Lower Immigration Levels - For Lower Immigration Levels

    ACTION 2: Phone your own Senators. This is the most important immediate need. Make sure that staffers in this office end their day with a huge surge of anti-amnesty calls.

    CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD: 202-224-3121

    ACTION 3: Phone swing Senators. Those of you who have Senators who are being most heavily lobbied to pass an amnesty will find special phone action notes with talking points on your Action Board at:
    NumbersUSA | For Lower Immigration Levels - For Lower Immigration Levels

    Although we as yet are not getting a mainstream confirmation, the internet and Capitol Hill are abuzz with reports that Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-Nev.) says he will bring the DREAM Act amnesty to a vote as an amendment to the Defense appropriations bill -- maybe as early as next week.

    It is absolutely imperative that Congress get as many (or many more) phone calls OPPOSING the DREAM Amnesty as they are already getting pushing it.

    Phone now and then start phoning again first thing Wednesday morning.

    Every pro-amnesty religious group, pro-amnesty leftist group and pro-amnesty conservative group in the country has mobilized their memberships today and through the week in a last-ditch effort at some kind of amnesty.

    The open-borders organizations and leaders in Congress are in a panic that if they don't pass some kind of amnesty during the next month they may not have another opportunity for several years. Desperate politicians are always a threat to the citizenry.

    Sen. Reid is desperately trying to create enough passion among Nevada's immigrant voters to build enough of an election turnout to help him win a close re-election race.

    And political media are reporting today that the pro-amnesty forces are now acknowledging that they have lost their long effort to pass a blanket amnesty and won't have another chance for years. Thus, they are in total desperation to pass the DREAM Act Amnesty for about 2 million illegal aliens under the age of 35.

    We must not allow the desperation of the open-borders crowd lead to a terrible act of Congress just before we are set to block amnesty for years.

    Please phone now and tell Senators that any effort to grant amnesty to illegal aliens during a Jobs Depression will be viewed with utmost disdain at the polls in November.



    Help Sharron Angle (http://sharronangle.com/) Take Out An Anti-gun Senator

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Calling everyone and their dog in the morning!

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    I wouldn't impugn inspector Callahan's moniker by associating it with this criminal filth.

    Rush has it right-"DINGY Harry Reid."


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