Avoiding "What Have We Done?"
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Thread: Avoiding "What Have We Done?"

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    Avoiding "What Have We Done?"

    This article talks about the need to research politicians before an election not after. I find it astounding that political searches double the day after an election when research should be done long before one.

    Avoiding 'what have we done?' in 2010

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    Listening to the news today and the many stories about cutting taxes from a multitude of GOP TALKING HEADS. My wife asked me WHY no one was talking about cutting sending? I about fell out of my chair. This is a very well educated person and a manager in a top 100 corporation. I told her that if any of them was to discuss HOW they would cut and WHO would get the cuts most know that they would loose those votes. Staying elected and not loosing votes is were their heads at. Hardly any of them will put them selves out there on principals and conservative mores'. I applaud some of the TEA Party candidates. I just fear most will cozy up to the "GOP Establishment" instead of standing up and taking the lead. Jim Demint is showing true leadership here in SC and some in the GOP have said they do not appreciate not going the party line.

    I do recommend that those that would like to join any number of TEA organizations , join. BUT I highly advise they thoroughly check out the group. Here where I'm at, one group is totally in line with the GOP National Party NOT the real meaning of the TEA ideals. (TAX ENOUGH ALREADY)
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    Neither party wants to cut spending, that's how you buy votes. No one sucking on the government sow wants their bennies cut.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    Neither party wants to cut spending, that's how you buy votes. No one sucking on the government sow wants their bennies cut.
    There in lies the root of the problem. Both parties suck.

    If you check the following information, Bush's policy counts for 33% of the budget problem and Obama for about 30% which in my book is pretty darn near equal blame. The general recession is blamed for 37%, but when you add in the 63% that congress and the presidents we've had are responsible for, it's pretty clear that neither party is doing the public a service by screwing up our finances.

    The following information is based on information available from the Congressional Budget Office and news reporting agencies:

    The U.S. budget situation has deteriorated significantly since 2001, when the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecast average annual surpluses of approximately $850 billion from 2009-2012. The average deficit forecast in each of those years as of June 2009 was approximately $1,215 billion. The New York Times analyzed this roughly $2 trillion "swing," separating the causes into four major categories along with their share:

    Recessions or the business cycle (37%);
    Policies enacted by President Bush (33%);
    Policies enacted by President Bush and supported or extended by President Obama (20%); and
    New policies from President Obama (10%).

    CBO data is based only on current law, so policy proposals that have yet to be made law are not included in their analysis. The article concluded that President Obama's decisions accounted for only a "sliver" of the deterioration, but that he "...does not have a realistic plan for reducing the deficit..." Presidents have no Constitutional authority to levy taxes or spend money, as this responsibility resides with the Congress, although a President's priorities influence Congressional action.

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    I am a registered Republican, but I do wonder where the hell is the leadership anymore! A lot of the comments are correct in that both parties seem more worried about staying in office than they do in doing the best job they can for the country. I believe we are stuck with the both of them though because neither of them will allow a strong third party. Both sides play off each other for mutual gain, and yes it does suck! I don't know for sure where, as a country, we are headed. I do believe one thing for sure though, the current administration needs to be voted out.

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