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  1. I completely Agree

    I like to think of myself as a moderate (I support some liberal and some conservative views) I completely support the idea of the death penalty to be used for the most heinous of crimes (see Junko Furuta, Sylvia Likens etc.) I mean seriously, some people just don't deserve to live. I really like the car analogy the above poster used, it definitely makes more sense to fix our legal system and use the DP than to scrap it all together. Frankly, NY's moratorium on it is kinda retarded, but then again, we have some really bleeding heart liberals my city. Like last year during my senior year there was this guy (who's a friend of my friend, we just hang out by association) and I got into an arguement about the death penalty, and for some reason the Castle Doctrine. Him arguing the the Doctrine is stupid because in some cases you'll be sentencing a guy to death for theft and that my property is not worth his life.

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    If convicted using DNA as evidence, you get one appeal. If you're convicted and there's a possibility that DNA can exonerate you than the people should afford it in defense free of charge. IF it's rape of a child 12 or under with DNA, 1-appeal then death. The sooner we start putting these monster down the quicker it will deter the others. Hanging, Gas, Bullet makes no difference to me. Actually, it should be the cheapest. Ask Doc Kevorkian, a true pro.

    I know I'll get flack over this but just what I believe.
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    You're right on - the flack you get will be from those stung by the truth.

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