Bowling for Columbine
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Thread: Bowling for Columbine

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    Bowling for Columbine

    Has anyone seen this Moore garbage from Moore?

    My daughter started college this year and she says they're watching this (documentary) LOL in English class, she has no clue why, and I asked her what it was about. She said "Guns, and what makes people violent." They have only seen half of it and will write a paper when they're done. <-- Review

    I told her that Michael Moore is an idiot with an agenda and not to take anything he says too seriously. So, I just HAD to go see what this crap he's pushing NOW is about. I figured once she was out of high school I didn't have to worry about the liberal indoctrination in the school system any more. Guess I was wrong.

    YouTube - Bowling for Columbine
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  3. I was forced to watch that garbage back in high school as well. And all I can say is that Moore is among many things a hypocrite. He truly hates what he is a fat, and rich, white male. He also used selective publication when I believe it was the Charlton Heston was interviewed. If you notice the clock behind Mr. Heston periodically jumps ahead in time by more than 10 minutes then jumps back 20 minutes. I believed the meeting ended when Mr. Heston got up and left due to the absurdity of Moore's questions and trying to link them with the shootings at Columbine and the insensitivity of the NRA for having their annual convention in Denver that year.

    I truly think he is one of the lowest forms of human filth on this planet using the available media outlets to push his radical views on others. But don't get me started on him

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    PA. Without trying to get you started, if you don't mind me asking, WHEN was it that you saw it in school, and in what class, and what was the reason for watching it? I'm just trying to understand. Thanks. Mykid is in nursing school. Can't imagine why she needs to see this crap to be a nurse.
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  5. brain washing

    I saw that movie in a highschool class. I didn't care about politics at the time. Now I see how much that school was trying to influence me. Luckily I have enough intelligence to make up my own mind.
    Michael Moore is telling one side of a story and trying to influence people who aren't smart enough to think on their own. He's a terrible person.

  6. I believe it was 2004-05 my junior year of High School and we were forced to watch it in our Social Justice class (Catholic School). Our professor was an uber liberal who protested things like the School of the Americans at Fort Benning, GA and the local Lockheed Martin claiming they produced weapons of Mass destruction, I kid you not he was border line insane.

    Nursing school though and in college is pretty absurd. A lot of the freshman English classes are taught by GAs who are mostly liberal from my experience since their majors include things like photo journalism. As was the case my freshman year in 2006-07.

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    Social Justice class? Man would I have flunked THAT class. I'd have told em right off the bat, there's no such thing in a free land. We believe in individual justice. Thank God you survived! What are we allowing them to teach our children!
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    Michael Moore Sucks

    Michael Moore claimed to have had an interview that he did with Nick Berg, a soldier killed in Iraq. He said that he had a tape of the interview but he wasn't going to show it to anyone out of respect for the family. THEN WHY TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE TAPE? Cam Edwards, the host of Cam and Company, the five day a week NRA-News radio show decided to call him out on this. Cam called Michael Moore's entourage several times, invited Mr. Moore to come on the show and explain himself, and got NO reply.

    If Michael Moore were a real man, he'd at least answer Cam Edwards.

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    When someone goes too far left or right anyone with a little commend sense can see thru the stupidity.

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    Like any good progressive liberal, you should take them at there word. They are not to be questioned for they are so caring. It's all emotion and symbolism to them.
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    I saw that movie, was not that bad. Moore is a member of the NRA and really excelled at rifle shooting in his younger days. He is idiotic to think that all violence is going to stop and we will all hang out by the campfire singing songs together. A lot of people think, stupidly I might add, that no guns equal no violence. If guns cause violence, then every cop and military person is a powder keg just waiting to kill everyone. Wake up people and smell the bacon.

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