Government agents snatch newborn from Oath Keeper
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Thread: Government agents snatch newborn from Oath Keeper

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    Angry Government agents snatch newborn from Oath Keeper

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    This story I believe has many facets. From what I have heard (Fox 25 News report) there have been some issues in the past with her and children from other fathers. The latest semen source has had some issues with the law as well related to assault etc... More reading and investigation needs to be done related to that aspect of the case.

    I don't agree with the way the agencies handled this case based on the story so far. It should have been a watch and see kinda thing. However when it comes to little babies and their protection I'm all for lots of oversight if the parents have a predisposition for neglect. That is what the claim is here so it's hard to know what could happen.

    I do agree that the way it was documented as if it was wrong or bad, is completely uncalled for. The membership or affiliation was documented as evidence against the latest father like it was indicative of some kind of problem.

    I stood on the grass in Washington DC with 2500 or so American Patriots on April 19th this year and recited the Oath. I plan to keep to it, so I guess that makes me a member as well...
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    I read this story last week.

    There is something fishy to the story of an agency snatching children simply because he belongs to that organization.

    There must be some other reason that the father failed to mention in this story.


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