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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    The reason a 3rd part can not get elected is because the two headed monster we have in place, I will call it the Republicrates, tells us so over and over. As long as we continue to elect a candadate form their ranks only we will continue to get a president that marches to the tune of the New World Order Crowd. That is why no matter who is in office the national debt continues to go up and our freedoms slowly disapear.
    You're a nonconformist after my own heart, HK4U. Big +1.

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    And tomorrow when you get up it will be worse

    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    You're a nonconformist after my own heart, HK4U. Big +1.
    When I was younger I used to wonder why our government kept making the same mistakes over and over. Then one day I happened to pick up a book by the title of NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRICY. After that I began to see news in a whole new light. There are a lot of other good books more up to date than that one that shed light on what is happening in this country and the world. Anyway I now hold to a conspiritoral view of history rather that an accidental one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebrinton View Post
    My conclusion regarding the Republican primaries is that a vote for anyone other than Fred Thompson is a vote for Rudy.
    Are you on CRACK?


    Huckabee is ahead of Rudy now...

    Its all over but the crying for Rudy...

    Fred Thompson is a proven sell-out on the constitution and the 2nd amendment...
    Has been out of politics over 5 years and has no leadership experience...

    These and more I have already painstakingly itemized in the 2nd Amendment issues forum as to why we must not vote for drop dead Fred Thompson in the primary...

    Our focus needs to be in the primaries and looking at the canidates proven track records on the issues and policies they claim to support...

    This is where you vote for your preferred candidate on every issue...

    When it comes to the general election; you do not have that luxury...

    More often then not you have two choices in the general election as to who can and will win the election and be able to appoint liberal left wing supreme court justices to re-interpret your constitutional rights away or not...
    Justices that are around DECADES after the President is gone...

    Watch the republican debate tonight and see how Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter truly represent us...

    And especially watch Mike Huckabee shine above every body else on the stage...

    I Like Mike in the primaries

    I will vote for any republican running against Billary in the general election...

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublenutz View Post
    Actually Thompson's record is the most consistant and "Pro-Gun" of all the 2008 candidates.
    He's my candidate too.

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