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    GOA Supreme Court Brief

    Here's a link to the Gun Owners of America Amicus Curiae Brief to the Supreme Court in DC v Heller (which is probably the most significant case to come before the USSC in about 7 decades).


    The brief is brilliantly crafted and gives the Court reasonable cause to circumscribe their deliberation beyond that implied by the Court's own Writ of Certiorari which was so broadly drawn it seemed to bring the whole second amendment into question. Read it all...I'm sure that you'll like it. It's an absolute gem and we should all be thankful that the GOA is behind us.

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    What an Excellent treatise!

    I became a little concerned here:
    The issue in this case is whether three D.C. Code
    provisions violate a Second Amendment right to keep
    and bear arms for private use in one’s home.
    But I was pleased to read:
    It was this pattern of British efforts to disarm the
    colonists, so as to prevent them from resisting an
    increasingly oppressive government, which coalesced
    colonists, leading directly to the American Revolution.
    The colonists may have been willing to continue to
    suffer “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” but
    once those abuses “evince[d] a design to reduce them
    under absolute Despotism ... all having in direct
    object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny,”
    it was then that our forefathers resolved “to throw off
    such Government....”30 Patrick Henry reacted to
    Governor Dunmore’s seizure of the Williamsburg
    Magazine in a way that reveals that British “gun
    control” was the one intolerable abuse leading to war:
    “You may in vain mention to them the duties upon tea,
    etc. These things, they will say, do not affect them.
    But tell them of the robbery of the magazine, and that
    the next step will be to disarm them, and they will be
    ready to fly to arms to defend themselves.’”31

    As was then, so it is now, that the American people
    seek to discern the intentions of an increasingly
    powerful central government, watching their servants
    on this Court to see if they will honor and uphold, or
    dilute or negate, the written words of the nation’s
    founders guaranteeing the right of a sovereign
    American people to “keep and bear arms.”
    Tough Talk! And more than overdue.
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    A very good read. I can see this as a "thumb nail history" of why we became a sovereign nation - resisting gun control - in it's barest details. I intend to print out some copies to hand out to high school students that I know. I'd be willing to bet that none of them ever heard of where our nation really got it's start - and not the "Boston Tea Party", though that also has it's historical place. Some superior writing and research here - gives a boost to the possibility of "our side" having a positive outcome. :)

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