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    Central Bank / what EVERYONE should know

    McPhaddon, Lincoln, Jefferson, Kennedy. What do these politicians have in common? Except for Jefferson who lived through the attempt, they were all assassinated after changing legislation which affected the central bank. Maybe this is why our government lets this global swindle continue year after year after year? Woodrow Wilson should be dug up and his corpse burned in public and his descendants all held liable for his actions by confiscating their entire wealth. An economy based on debt can only survive if every so often the bank just TAKES BACK all of the money it has loaned out. When will we say enough?

    YouTube - What is a Central Bank
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    Excellent video! Now, when people are talking and saying "they" are out to control us, "they" are out to bankrupt us, "they" are going to ruin us or "they" are calling the shots, you know who "they" are. If you control the money, you control the people, their actions and their way of life. The Fed giveth and the Fed taketh away. Get ready for the BIG taketh away.
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    This is by far the best comprehensive video I've seen, broken down into 5 parts so people don't get bored and give up. WARNING: After watching it, you WILL be pissedoff!

    YouTube - Money as Debt - Fractional Reserve Banking part 1 of 5
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    The Federal Reserve act was one of the worst things that ever happened to this country. Most buracrats running for office do not talke about it. ron Paul is on of the very few. Most are either ignorant about the problem or part of the problem.
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    thats why they made him seem like a senile old man that believed in aliens. Ron Paul would have gotten my vote. He understood that the founding fathers wanted at all cost to avoid the central banking because they knew it only produce debt and that debit was used to make you into a slave for the government

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    The Creature from Jekyll Island

    This is the best book I know of about the forming of the Federal Reserve.
    Jekyll Island is where the bankers met too form the bank.
    It is neither Federal or a Reserve.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

    Amazon.com: The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (9780912986210): G. Edward Griffin: Books

    YouTube 12 part series.

    Creature from Jekyll Island 1 of 12
    YouTube - Creature from Jekyll Island 1 of 12

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