Tuesday, we are voting for a Senator in the state of Washington. Just a heads up to all Washington CPL holders. When the Senate voted on the National Carry Law, first the Democrats decided that rather than a simple majority, the bill had to have a supermajority, or 60 votes to pass. The bill garnered 58 votes. Patty Murray and her parner in crime Maria Cantwell fell for Barbara Boxer's fairy tale about legally armed citizens bringing in burlap bags full of illegal weapons to the state of Kalifornia. The bill failed, having only gotten 58 votes. This means Murray and Cantwell cast the votes that defeated the bill that would have allowed legally armed citizens to travel and still maintain their ability to defend themselves. There has been one political commercial I have seen, run by the NRA, and supporting Dino Rossi, because Murray and Cantwell have shown they do not care about the Second Amendment and the citizen's right to defend themselves. I had an email comversation with Murray and expressed my concerns. I was blown off with the statement that we don't want people from other states telling us what our gun laws should be. We have 250,000 legally armed citizens in Washington, and I reminded Murray that we VOTE. If we vote en bloc on Tuesday for Dino Rossi, we will be sending an overwhelming message to Ms. Murray that she has overstayed her welcome, and we want someone who is friendly to the Second Amendment. Dino Rossi respects the Second Amendment or the NRA would not have spoken up for him. Let's send Ms. Murray packing on Tuesday.