GOA Racks Up Huge Victories From Coast-to-Coast
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Thread: GOA Racks Up Huge Victories From Coast-to-Coast

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    GOA Racks Up Huge Victories From Coast-to-Coast

    Candidates backed by Gun Owners of America scored tremendous wins in Tuesday's elections.

    In many cases, GOA was the ONLY national pro-gun organization to actively oppose Nancy Pelosi's "Blue Dog" Democrats. Our aggressive opposition to these Representatives -- who are mistakenly considered to be somewhat conservative -- was well worth the effort as Pelosi has now been reduced to minority status.

    You can go to the GOA website -- at GOA Victories! - Gun Owners Of America -- to see the dozens of new GOA-backed Senators and Representatives that will be serving you.

    Some of the highlights include:

    * California, Dist. 19 -- Jeff Denham

    * Florida, Senate -- Marco Rubio

    * Florida, Dist. 22 -- Allen West

    * Minnesota, Dist. 8 -- Chip Cravaack

    * Missouri, Dist. 4 -- Vicky Hartzler

    * Ohio, Dist. 6 -- Bill Johnson

    * Virginia, Dist. 9 -- Morgan Griffith

    * Washington, Dist. 2 -- John Koster

    These are patriots who will be protecting the Constitution and your gun rights for years to come. Please go to the above URL to "meet" them.

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    I was excited about the overall victory for the country, but the smell here locally is still democrat...

    Moving is becoming the real option.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    The last I read was Heath Schuler, D-NC will toss his hat in the ring for House Minority Leader, remember, he is the character who introduced the "Disclosure Bill". The NRA endorsed his campaign against Ilano Pantano for NC Congessional District #7. This clown is just as darned dangerous to Gun Owners as Pelosi is...
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    Tn Lost a great conservative democrat representative in Lincoln Davis. He was rated A by the NRA. We'll miss him here.

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